So busy! I’ve been working on a really exciting project for the last few weeks. I’m going to be in an exhibition that starts beginning of August so I’ve been busily trying to finish my little piece! It’s called The Homemade Exchange, fifteen artists took a photo of a domestic setting and received a photo in exchange and each of us is making an artwork in response. It’s such a great idea for a show and really free as far as interpretation goes, but the works will all be around 30cm x 30cm which is a great smaller format. I’m really excited to see what comes up. At first I felt a little unsure about potentially exhibiting quilting, as it’s definitely not what I’m known for, but Demelza, my dear friend and the brains behind this exhibition knows what I make for now so I’m honoured she asked me.

I’ll be able to post pics when the show goes live in a couple weeks, but until then have a look at our website! Our exhibition is part of Craft Victoria’s Craft Cubed, which is an annual festival of experimental, skilled and ideas-based craft and design. Collaboration really is inspiring.

3 things

I like to read blogs, I read hundreds of them and I realised I always like it when I find out things about the writer. Is it true for you too? So today I’m going to tell you three things about me that you might not know.

1. I can never wear odd socks, but I am not ocd about anything else, in fact I’m quite messy generally.

(Paul Smith odd socks are pretty cute though!)

2. I was born completely ‘en caul’ which apparently means I’m a caulbearer (this always grossed me out as a kid). In the past, depending on the culture, that may have meant I was either elevated to the highest status in society or burnt at the stake. I still love sleep, warmth, silence and to be covered by beanies, hats and blankets. (Sorry if you had to google that!!)

3. Swimming is my favorite excersize.

Voila! I want to hear some from you : )

Lap quilt

I often seem to be making things for one of my sisters, Case! But I have another sister too! Ha, over Christmas I made Kel some simple cushions from fabric she chose while we were on holidays in California last year.  There was a bunch of fabric left over so I decided to make her a little lap quilt for the couch to go with the previously made cushions! She doesn’t know it’s on its way, but she has a rather special birthday coming up next week – 30. (Gah my baby sister is 30!) I hope she likes it.

It’s the first time I bought a quilt pattern, aside from the book for the Farmers Wife quilt. This one is by CluckCluckSew and I knew it was a good modern pattern perfect for Kel. Not sure the bigger chevron prints work so well cut this way, but I love the overall look.

This particular quilt was a lesson in making sure to pre-wash cheap cotton from the crappy fabric store. Usually I buy lovely fabric from amazing manufacturers, but I can’t afford it always, so I often stock up on cheaper cottons when I can. But… The navy binding fabric on this quilt ran allllll over the quilt, lovely blueish tie-dye effect everywhere. Ugh. And I washed and dried it before I noticed… Many many stain removers and washes later it seemed better and off it was sent.

Happy birthday Kel! You may well never read this (not a big blog reader!) But if  you do I hope you have the best time in your 30′s. I can’t believe you’re that old little Poots, although you always were way more together and driven than any of the rest of us. You’re a beautiful, funny and fun sister who I can’t imagine life without. Big hugs xo

Aunty time

I had no idea how excited I would be at the prospect of becoming an Aunt (I’m becoming repetitive I know). I’ve been around babies and little kids so much of my life. I like kids, I have a good time with them, but something feels totally different now that I know I’ll be related. I suppose it’s a much watered down version of how you feel about becoming a parent, the idea of welcoming a new peanut into the family is just thrilling!

I made a quilt for the new little guy or girl and thankfully my sister Casey isn’t ridiculous about baby colours, so I could use a full spectrum without fear of the little guy having some pink in his life, if it’s a boy. What a strange thing that is – colour and gender. In any case, I made it a while ago and have given sneak peeks, but here’s the finished quilt. Inspired by Nicole at Bold Goods (it’s basically copied) because I had a similar pastel charm pack and lots of the same prints in my stash. I love this cheaters flying geese, using my fav half square triangles and rainbows : )

Crinkly fresh out of the dryer! For the backing I used a great chevron print I bought while I was visiting family in California last year, I believe it’s from an older Dear Stella collection.

I wrote before that I love to give quilts, because they’re the closest thing to a hug that I can send to someone. I think about chilly evenings snuggled on the couch together, Mum and baby using the little quilt and that a tiny part of me is with them. I hope there are sweet dreams resting underneath and happy days learning to roll over ontop.

Only about a week or so to go and we’ll meet you. Can’t wait!

If you want a similar quilt, I think Nicole’s is still for sale at her etsy store too.


As you know by now I love colour. When it comes to fabric I love prints, all kinds of prints, modern or floral or graphic or spots, can’t ever have too many spots. While it’s always important to have solids on hand for mixing into the prints, I rarely buy solids for their colour alone. Or together as the case may be.

I saw this colour combo together and loved it, bought some fat quarters and then had no idea what to make when they arrived!  I’d been telling Ange how much I liked Ellsworth Kellys work, in particular this piece titled Spectrum Colors Arranged by Chance from 1951.

It was Ange’s genius idea that I should make some (more!) little cushion covers inspired by Ellsworth with my new solids. He also said 1.5 inch squares might be nice… Haha. So I did it. I began by drawing up a little random template for a couple cushions. Didn’t even know we had coloured pencils in the house until I asked! How fun are coloured pencils??

While incredibly time consuming because of the size, I thoroughly enjoyed the cutting and sewing of these mini quilts. I almost like them so much I want to keep going. Perhaps I’ll just add them all together into some giant thing?

Although I tend to gravitate toward more traditional quilts and patterns I also really love the random pixels of something more modern like this, best thing is – there are no rules! I’ll take a more flattering photo as soon as I’ve finished the second one! Can’t complain about the sunshine though – we’ve been desperate to see some for a looong while now!


I’ve always loved colourful things. I definitely enjoy a minimal white or grey space, but I really can’t keep away from colour. I haven’t got a favourite – have you? All my art works have always had a ton of colour and I certainly find inspiration in each light wave. Though sometimes all of them together can be awfully cacophonous, here and there I see works that blend them all perfectly. Lately I’m really liking Orange, Navy, dark Pink and Yellow, but Turquoise is my least favourite.

Etude (for Josef Albers), David Sequeira, 2012

Highveld Kaleidescope Cushion Cover, Frances White.

Being here, Mark Garry, 2008

Peruvian weaving

Click the images for the links.


Wowsers, time is just snowballing in my life! If the years go by this fast now, gah 10 years from now I’m going to have to stop sleeping or something. This new business of having my own business is proving quite challenging as well as satisfying. Definitely a lesson in time management. Perhaps overkeen on meeting and satisfying everyone, I’ve had to dial back the ‘special case’ early starts and late evenings (which were every day!) That, along with some ridiculous co-op living nonsense and miserable weather have forced me to buy daffodils to keep sane!

I’ve been working on some cool things. Remembers those shorts? Well they were a lesson in why you should make a muslin first because wheeeew were they high waisted! Ha! Not that I mind terribly, but having no waist to begin with has never made me want to embrace the trend.  I did insert a fly zip like a pro, so it wasn’t a total loss. Just throw on a long t-shirt and no one will ever know how high they go : )

Also I finished a verrrry special quilt for Casey’s baby. Only a couple weeks to go!!!! Wow I never thought I’d be so excited for a niece or nephew. So exited. Just a sneak peek for now, but I’ll show you the whole thing as soon as she gets it!

The sun is finally shining, so I’m going out for a walk. There really is nothing better than a sunny stroll to make your mind rest a moment. After trying to please all the people all the time, I really should hurry up and learn to be OK with knowing my best is good enough.