3 things

I like to read blogs, I read hundreds of them and I realised I always like it when I find out things about the writer. Is it true for you too? So today I’m going to tell you three things about me that you might not know.

1. I can never wear odd socks, but I am not ocd about anything else, in fact I’m quite messy generally.

(Paul Smith odd socks are pretty cute though!)

2. I was born completely ‘en caul’ which apparently means I’m a caulbearer (this always grossed me out as a kid). In the past, depending on the culture, that may have meant I was either elevated to the highest status in society or burnt at the stake. I still love sleep, warmth, silence and to be covered by beanies, hats and blankets. (Sorry if you had to google that!!)

3. Swimming is my favorite excersize.

Voila! I want to hear some from you : )


  1. Emma

    I love reading about stuff like this too. Also, en caul is pretty rare and awesome Wendy!

    I grew up in Papua New Guinea until I was 10. My family and I were expats living there because my Dad worked for the government. It made for a fun and interesting childhood and as a kid, I spoke fluent pidgin english but I’ve forgotten it now sadly.

    I used to be a raver! Haha, well sort of, back in the late 90s/early 2000s I used to love going to dance parties and clubs wearing glitter and trainers. I actually read today that one of my favourite Brisbane DJs died recently and that made me really sad.

    I hate exercise. I do a lot of incidental exercise like walking to shops and stuff around the house but dislike planned exercise and don’t do it that often. Shameful I know but I’ve learned to embrace it ;)

    • admin

      Wow Emma! Papua New Guinea is the stuff of dreams for me! I imagined it like the wildest frontier as a kid, must have been full of adventures! And Pidgin! Too cool. Also I hate exercise, swimming is just my least unfavorite :)
      I definitely wore glitter and trainers too! All I can think about that time, is that it was really fun, but thank god there were no mobile phones with cameras!!!

  2. Suzie

    I too love hearing the snippets of people’s lives they share on their blogs (and I had to google the en caul thing so I’m now enlightened on that too!)

    3 random things:
    - I have Frite Alors take-out nearly every week, and my local Frite Alors now knows my order off by heart (avocado burger with cheese)!
    - my best night in Montreal was this time last year when I got upgraded to the VIP area of the Rolling Stones concert.
    - I’ll tell you my third one when I come to your salon next week! lol :)

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