Today is a special birthday for my sister Case. It’s times like these that make it especially hard to be away from family. As we get older we make less of a fuss over our own birthday, of course. You’re meant to act like you hate getting old and it’s childish to get excited like you used to. Not me. I still love them. I especially love celebrating with family and friends, so today, although I’m on the opposite side of the world, I’ll try to do as many things for Case as I can. I’m lucky enough to have siblings that are also my best friends, I realize this doesn’t always happen. Case is wonderful in so many ways I couldn’t  even begin to write them all.  She’s let me experiment on her hair for years. Not even panicking when she heard me say ‘oops’ while holding a razor to her head…

I hope this year and indeed this decade are your happiest and best yet Case. xo


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