a few more

Wowzer, the end of the year is flying by. I can’t believe it’s mid-month already. Do I say that every month? I think so. I’ve been manically Christmas shopping. We still buy gifts for everyone in our family as well as partners and in-laws, it amounts to well over 20 gifts for me which I am kind of struggling with this year! Some people are easy, but I refuse to buy crappy filler presents for people who are harder. If all else fails food is always my back-up. Everyone loves a treat that doesn’t take up much space (aside from in the stomach!)

I sewed a few more Farmers Wife blocks because after I lay them all out a couple weeks ago I realised that I only had about 10 more to make. Out of 100 that is such an awesome relief. Much as I love making them, I am ready to move on!

It snowed almost 2 feet (half a meter) here last night and today! Snow is marvellous! I can take the cold if there is beautiful sparkling pillowy brightness everywhere. The sound changes, everything is quieter because the snow absorbs the sound, so the usual traffic I hear outside is pleasantly muffled. You should see Mitch go crazy out there too – dogs LOVE the snow. Seems odd that in a week I will be sipping cocktails by the pool for a real Aussie Christmas.


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