About this Wendy

I’m from Australia, but for exactly 4 5 6 years I’ve been in Montreal, Canada. I’m struggling to learn French, working as a hair stylist in my own salon Sweetchops and dreaming of beaches. I studied glass and print-making at the Canberra School of Art more than a decade ago and worked as a glass-blower for a long time with and around tons of great artists. I want to feature many of them here, so you know how great they are also. Now I make smaller sculpture and jewellery as well as use my scissors to create art on your head. Just kidding. When I’m not doing glass I love to sew, specifically quilts- although this particular craft does not come naturally to me.  I think I unpick more than I sew – if that’s even possible.

I’m a messy tea snob with:

  • a big collection of vintage glass beads
  • a crazy dog named Mitch
  • awesome siblings
  • an enterprising boyfriend
  • an online cooking site called eatpress
  • a great view
  • an insatiable addiction to fabric
  • many talented friends
  • too many unread books

I enjoy many things, like many people, this website is to record the things I love and the things I make and to talk about the people who inspire me. I hope you enjoy it and thank you for reading!

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