Adventure time

Ange and I are going on a mini adventure. No sewing this weekend, I’ll be busy driving my pimped out rental car (hello free upgrade!) We’re shooting a documentary near Niagra Falls, so it’s sure to be a fun, full, fall weekend. I’m looking forward to stopping and picking apples to snack on, singing loudly and badly to 70′s classics, drinking terrible cups of tea with donuts at highway stops and enjoying the autumn scenery. Are you a fan of road-trips? I love driving, so it’s always super enjoyable for me.

I saw this little movie ‘Adventure time’ years ago and loved how wacky it was, little did I know when I tried to find it today that it had been picked up as an actual show! Now it’s really hard to find the original, which apparently people think was SUPER weird. Which is funny, because that’s what I liked most about it.

I hope you have some kind of adventure this weekend, even if it’s on your couch with an adventurous novel.

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