Anne Lindberg

zip drawing, 2012 thread and staples

Anne Lindberg is a widely exhibited American artist after my own heart. I first saw her thread installations and loved the feeling her work evokes, the blurred speed frozen in space, the gradual colour changes, the light. Personally, I love abstract installations that create a feeling or overall sense, rather than more literal or pictorial images. Work that surrounds you and makes you feel something you can’t even put your finger on, for me that’s awesome.



drawn pink, 2012 Egyptian cotton thread, staples


canto yellow, 2011 Egyptian cotton thread, staples

andante green, 2012 Egyptian cotton thread, staples

Here she is in her own words:

Neurologists have determined that the old brain holds the seat of our most primal understandings of the world. Goodwill, security, fear, anxiety, self-protection, gravity, sexuality, and compulsive behaviors generate from this lower cerebral core. 

My sculpture and drawings inhabit a non-verbal place resonant with such primal human conditions. Systemic and non-representational, these works are subtle, rhythmic, abstract, and immersive. I find beauty and disturbance through shifts in tool, layering and material to create passages of tone, density, speed, path and frequency within a system. In recent room-sized installations, I discovered an optical and spatial phenomenon that excites me as the work spans the outer reaches of our peripheral vision. The work references physiological systems – such as heartbeat, respiration, neural paths, equilibrium – and psychological states.

Along with her thread installations, Anne also does drawings with thread, 3d wall drawings, sculpture, photography and architectural works.

Thread drawing 16, 2012, rayon thread

Thread drawing 5, 2012, rayon thread

Thread drawing 10, 2012, rayon thread

Her website is clean and informative and has tons of images which are so nice to browse, it’s like getting lost in time for a little while.  Then again I often get lost in time so maybe that’s just me!

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