Aunty time

I had no idea how excited I would be at the prospect of becoming an Aunt (I’m becoming repetitive I know). I’ve been around babies and little kids so much of my life. I like kids, I have a good time with them, but something feels totally different now that I know I’ll be related. I suppose it’s a much watered down version of how you feel about becoming a parent, the idea of welcoming a new peanut into the family is just thrilling!

I made a quilt for the new little guy or girl and thankfully my sister Casey isn’t ridiculous about baby colours, so I could use a full spectrum without fear of the little guy having some pink in his life, if it’s a boy. What a strange thing that is – colour and gender. In any case, I made it a while ago and have given sneak peeks, but here’s the finished quilt. Inspired by Nicole at Bold Goods (it’s basically copied) because I had a similar pastel charm pack and lots of the same prints in my stash. I love this cheaters flying geese, using my fav half square triangles and rainbows : )

Crinkly fresh out of the dryer! For the backing I used a great chevron print I bought while I was visiting family in California last year, I believe it’s from an older Dear Stella collection.

I wrote before that I love to give quilts, because they’re the closest thing to a hug that I can send to someone. I think about chilly evenings snuggled on the couch together, Mum and baby using the little quilt and that a tiny part of me is with them. I hope there are sweet dreams resting underneath and happy days learning to roll over ontop.

Only about a week or so to go and we’ll meet you. Can’t wait!

If you want a similar quilt, I think Nicole’s is still for sale at her etsy store too.


  1. Suzie

    Aw, that’s really gorgeous. Beautiful idea & words about sending a long distance hug across the ocean too. You’re definitely excelling in your Aunty duties :)

  2. Emma

    Oh that paragraph under the last photo sounds so cosy :)

    Such a beautiful quilt Wens, something to pass down throughout the family generations.

  3. sam

    This quilt is amazing! Lucky lucky baby. Congratulations for the new baby niece or nephew. So much fun… no wonder you are filled with excitement for their arrival xxx

  4. Case

    Luckiest little baby ever to have such a beautiful quilt and the most thoughtful Aunty. It is just so beautiful. Now we just need little peanut to come out to be all snuggled in love xoxo

  5. Kate L

    Wowee-it’s happening so soon! I’m looking forward to hearing who has come to join your family. Good luck Case! And what a gorgeous gift. X

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