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Getting around to some sewing for 2015! Starting off with a little diamond chevron quilt for a friend of mine who wants to gift it to a relative expecting a little girl soon.

I really love working to a brief, as long as it’s not too constraining!  The colours requested for this quilt were pink, purple and yellow. Definitely not colours I would normally put together, so it was a bit of a challenge getting a nice balance. I’ve loved this arrangement of half square triangles for a while and knew adding the white would be a good touch to break up all that colour! I tried to use a mix of lights and darks in each colour just in case the bedroom is pastel and/or bright.

I’ve ordered some lovely backing material so I’ll be finishing it off hopefully next weekend.

It has been beyond freezing here, lots of days well below -20 celsius which I am sure now I’ll never get used to. The sharpness on your face is like nothing else, layers upon layers of clothing are always needed.  On a day around -9 you find yourself musing to others how lovely it is outside.

It does make for some beautiful sparkly ice, snow and frost though, if you’re in the comfort of a warm space it’s a really pretty view.


  1. Emma

    That sparkly ice! I can’t remember how long it’s been since I saw that. So hot here. And yes, that’s pretty much how I drink tea, hah!

    Your quilt is so beautiful Wens! I love the shapes and the colours work so well together.

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