Bake a pie!

We were going to go apple picking this weekend with my friend Liz and 3 kids.  Unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be, we had some difficulty with the car and bastards breaking in for no reason, so instead we went to the markets, bought a bucket of locally grown apples and baked a pie!

Apples are in season here in Quebec at the moment, you can buy a big bucket for $5 which I can’t resist.  We baked our pie with Lobo (red) apples, which are sweeter to cook with than green ones and they cook faster too.

Our recipe was an easy one, but a goody.  If you want it – head to eatpress!

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  1. sam

    Mmmmm drooling. Warm apple pie and a big scoop of vanilla ice cream…. now that’s the good life. (Sorry about the car though. What is wrong with people!)

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