Bertie’s blankets progress

I have finished 3 squares for Sam’s wonderful project. Hopefully they will fit in with what she imagined!  I had so much fun sewing these squares. Agonizing over the fabrics (I don’t have much of a stash you see) trying to make each square a little different so that Sam can just use the ones she likes.

I hope I have the chance to participate in more projects like this. It doesn’t take much time and is so rewarding thinking of where these blocks are going to wind up.

For anyone interested – here’s a photo of all my fabrics.  It’s hard to move to a new country and build up a stash again!

Yes all my fabric fits in one bag.  And I currently have my sewing machine in a carry-on suitcase that gets unpacked on weekends onto the coffee table or kitchen table, depending on which we’ll use less on the weekend!  One day I’ll have a craft room just for me with shelves full of fabric, but for now, this will do!


  1. sam

    I LOVE them! You are super sweet to support this effort. Thank you xxx I’ve been focusing on the knit squares for Bertie’s Blankets, but now want to whip out some of the wonky log cabins. Yours look great! Thank you my dear friend, and wishing you a wonderful weekend, Sam xxx

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