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Lucy’s quilt


I made this quilt for my dearest oldest friend who was expecting her first baby end of May. Little Lucy made an early appearance though, so she won’t be getting the quilt for her baby shower, but for her birthday!

Demelza is one of my favourite people in the world, I’ve known her since late high school (Aussie college) she’s super creative and a really inspiring artist. Lots of her family sew and are crafty, so when it came to making her a unisex baby quilt I felt a lot of pressure! Suddenly all my choices seemed wrong, or not quirky enough, or too boyish or to girly. In the end I knew her and Slava wouldn’t mind what I made.

We didn’t know if Lucy was a boy or a girl when I made the quilt, so I used some of my favourite general colours in here, minty little horses and a sloth or two from Sarah Watts, Cactus and wildflowers from Leah Duncan, a bit of vintage and some rich Botanics from Carolyn Friedlander.

I also used some backing fabric I’d been saving for this particular baby, it’s Children at play on parade, the circus theme is especially fitting for Melz. I hope so much that she likes it. And also that baby Lucy knows how much she is loved from the other side of the world already. xxoo


Clementine dress

I already posted about my friend Thouraya’s awesome pattern the Clementine dress a few weeks ago. I wanted to show you a few of my end results! And I thought I’d mention a couple of things about this pattern I noticed as a total novice.

First, I loved making it! I’m not great at making garments, so I thought this pattern looked fairly simple to sew. Simple in a good way! It was so fun and fast to make, I promptly made a second a day later.

Second, I made two size 2′s, and something awesome about that size and lower is that you can cut out a whole dress from a generous half yard cut, (19inches) or easily into half a meter. This is PERFECT for me, as a quilter I often buy half yard cuts of fabric, so I have LOTS on hand, all of it super cute, I want to make a million little girl dresses.

Third, while Thouraya’s pattern does mention the best fabrics to use, I used quilting cotton. It might not be the ideal fabric to use, but I quite like the heavy drape (and it’s pretty much all I own). Only thing that I changed while making my second dress, was to definitely use a light fabric for the lining, otherwise you’re getting some bulky seams if you layer two lots of quilting cotton as dress and lining. That being said, I think it wouldn’t be awful to wear either way.

Fourth, I sewed the back seam halfway up, then did two buttons at the top. I’m not sure this was a good idea, but I didn’t have enough buttons so I figured with the nice flared fit of the dress, it should fit over a little head with just a couple buttons. I like the way it looks too, because the buttons are on the lined part of the dress and the rest is neatly seamed away.

I really enjoyed making the collar, I trimmed mine really close to the seam as opposed to clipping it on the inside, mostly because I wanted it super round, but we’ll see how it holds up! The second dress was made without a collar, just as a test to see how quick I could whip one up! I’d say if you’ve never sewn before, use Thouraya’s instructions and not mine though!!

I wish I had my little niece here to take photos of her in person wearing them! But those pics will have to come later. Also it’s Autumn in Australia now, so she’ll definitely have to layer these dresses with some cardi’s and leggings : )

If you have littlies who like to wear dresses, do try this pattern. It’s so satisfying and cute, and comes in a big range of sizes from newborn to size 10.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy making some too.

Moda Love Quilt

I thought I’d share the free quilt pattern pdf from MODA for their ModaLove quilt. It’s super easy and really fun to make in a bunch of different sizes and colours. It’s a pretty good beginner quilt, so if you’re in the mood, give it a go. I made mine a little bigger than the charm square version. My blocks were 6″ instead of 5″ making them 5.5″ finished. The whole quilt is 44″ square. Just quilting it now.

And I’ve just washed, packed and shipped a little beauty that I can show you soon. It’s made for an extremely special baby, whose shower I can’t attend, but hopefully my quilt will wrap them in tons of love.

Sneak peek

Happy Spring

Ok, I guess I took my bike out a little early. I have been working on an extra special baby quilt for one of my favourites the last few weeks! Another secret, which never makes for good blogging – secret quilts! I can reveal it soon though, sending it off asap. And good news, I can finally add, I’ll be making another baby quilt for in the family this year too! Another niece or nephew for me coming in September ♥ yay!!

I’ve had this pattern for a Cooper bag from Colette patterns for a while now. I don’t like attempting sewing that might make me frustrated, aka sewing anything in 3d or curves, so it sat on the shelf for a while. But I need a backpack this year, the tote carrying on the bike just kills my shoulder, so after a while online shopping for backpacks, I remembered that I had this pattern! Really the pattern is so beautifully written and arranged in the little book, I have to try it. So I have some denim and fabric for the contrast, wish me luck : )

(photo: Colette blog, click on image to go there!)

And hopefully in the next few weeks spring will actually arrive, it’s been an OK winter, but I’m still ready to be done with giant coats and boots. What are you working on?


While I know it’s been a while between posts, most of you know that my last project was a big one and a secret one at that. Which really doesn’t make for interesting blog posts does it!? So finally the year ended with a woosh. Did yours? I worked like a fiend trying to fit everyone in, before I flew home once again for a glorious Christmas and New Years in Australia. Of course upon arrival, I got the flu and spent Christmas day feeling lagged and gross, but who cares! I was on holidays. At least it was warm and not busy!

Canberra skies are really lovely, you forget sometimes when you live there, but they’re something special for sure. I spent time with my wonderful family as well as a few good catch ups with friends, but mostly I hung out with my niece, Lois. Which was the best.

And finally for Mums big 70th birthday I got to gift her and Dad the quilt that’s taken up most of my life for the last few months. It was a gift for both of my parents birthdays, but my Dads was in October and I was nowhere near done then. Plus it was fun to just pop it on their bed and then bring them upstairs to see it.

It is really hard to photograph a king sized quilt. Ha, my poor sisters standing on chairs with their arms in the air! It’s much bigger than it looks!

As usual I’m feeling mixed emotions about returning to the other side of the world. It still amazes me that you can travel that distance in a day or two and fly so far so relatively easily. Happy 2016 to you all, bring on the projects : )


Sleep over quilt

I know it’s been forever. Work is kicking my butt! It’s so so busy, which is excellent for a small business owner, but not for my clients, who have to wait longer! Hopefully it’s just the season (only 6 weeks until Christmas- whaaaa?) and things will ease slightly for 2016!

Still sewing a secret quilt that I can’t show yet. And I was so ashamed at not having a nice twin sized quilt to give guests staying on our couch over the summer, that I made one. It’s from my favourite fabrics purchased this year, mostly Honeymoon, by Sarah Watts and more Cotton and Steel. I drafted a 18″ version of the Antique tile block.

Best thing about the Honeymoon fabric? Sloths!! They’re so cute. The blues are perfection in this line, I love an almost violety blue with black. I made a few little star blocks for some of the centre squares too.

It’s backed in the slightly trippy Ikea fabric that’s been popular lately, sadly my Ikea is not stocking anymore quilting weight cotton, only canvas. So I’ll have to find another affordable option for later. Pity because they were a good width too. Bring back the numbers!!

 Now if you stay at my house in the future you may well be sleeping under this beauty (it’s in the wash as we speak softening and crinkling nicely!)

Most exciting, I ordered a couple of quilting books online. One I returned (too simple) and the other is AWESOME. I love all of Nancy Purvis‘ quilts, I’ve been following her on instagram for a while (she’s @owensolivia), so I knew I’d love her book.  It’s full of my style of quilts and ones I’m happy to have patterns and advice for. While usually I enjoy planning out patterns and dare I say it, quilt math, it’s really nice to have it done for you too.

I can’t wait to get started on some of these super designs. Just trying to figure out a way to use up some of my stashed fabric and fighting the urge to buy some more especially for these projects. I’m most looking forward to making the Desert Blooms Medallion (my first medallion quilt!), the Colorblock, the Mesa and the Fossil quilts.

Happy Autumn and Spring all!

Half way

Through the year! Whoa. Thanks so much for all your kind words regarding the little for sale quilts! Some are still available and I am going to add a couple more soon. I will be opening an etsy store soon too. Turns out it will be the easiest way, ha!

I’m home alone for almost the week, well Mitch is here too, we’ve been walking a lot. Turns out having a dog and not sharing the walks with someone else is tons of work! I’ve been making a few things, trying to stave off some homesickness as I miss my little nieces  first birthday and my sisters 30somethingth. Rainbow coloured breakfasts, Scandinavian music, the worst romance/comedy movies I can find on netflix and sewing are all helping. And Skype. Thank the maker for Skype.

I made another little delectable mountains quilt for Ange’s good friend Eamon, who had a baby girl earlier this year. I like how bright and cheery this quilt is. I always ask Ange’s advice on backing fabrics and while we don’t always agree, this one we both were 100%!

The cool thing is always when I get a picture of the little recipient with their quilt! Even better Luella’s Dad, Eamon is a professional photographer.

I’m trying to decide (agonizingly) on which pattern to use for a surprise quilt I’m wanting to finish by the end of the year (it’s a biggie) but sometimes when something means so much to you, it’s especially hard to just go with the flow and not over analyze every detail. I want it to be super special, but I’m second guessing my original idea, so I’ll have to spill the beans with someone to get some advice!

Enjoy the week. I hope it’s a goodie wherever you are. Make a rainbow breakkie if you get the chance! It’s surprisingly satisfying : )