Christmas gift ideas

Lots of my favorite blogs post ideas for holiday gifts.  I always really enjoy their recommendations, so I thought I’d share some finds that I love, in case you see something you like too.  I’ve tried to include stores from around the world, including two amazing jeweller friends of mine Kath Inglis and Katrina Freene. At this time of year though, most places will let you know their global estimated Christmas shipping times.

Heart bowl in white and coral from Rosslab $28 on etsy.

Hand Carved PVC + Sterling Silver ‘Skin deep’ bangles by Kath Inglis $170 – $230

‘Gem earrings small 89′ made out of a 1960′s souvenir tray from Melbourne by Katrina Freene $50

Hand knitted dogs (Whippet and Scottish terrier) from Leashonlife $30 each


Linocut letterpress snowflake gift tags from Ruby Victoria $7.50 for pack of 5

Rubber panda stamp from Citoyennes $8.50

Star wars pincushion cats from Fat Cat Crafts made to order $19.00

Annatto and pink grapefruit soap from Milk and Honey Naturals $5.00 ea

Handmade espresso coffee marshmallows from Whimsy and Spice $6.50 per dozen

Twisted Gold Ring- Skinny Stacker from Anne Moore jewelry $16.00

Cotton fabric bundle ‘flower doodle’ 6 half yards from Sew Fresh Fabrics $29.40

Click the images for the links (all images from their respective stores).


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