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Sometimes I am actually¬†overwhelmed with how much information whizzes past my eyeballs while looking at my computer screen! Aren’t you? While I love the amazing things I read and images available, often I find the glut of info too much and inspirational quotes or news about governments planning to cut down rain forests blend into an overall blur, which I feel bad for. I pick and choose and know that this is a total first world problem, too much choice. I’m not criticizing the internets! I have a blog! I love being able to find out about anything I want at any time, it’s just up to me to reasonably sift through it all.¬†And I too, when I find something interesting, want to share it. Today it’s these awesomely cool cowgirls from the 1940′s care of MessyNessyChics blog who found these amazing photos from a LIFE magazine shoot of American cowgirls so many decades ago. I wish I was one of them.

Lots more photo’s on MessyNessychics blog.

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  1. Emma

    Awesome post Wendy! I love old black and whites, they fascinate me. And I agree with image/info overload, it’s not something I ever thought I would experience.

    Have you seen ? I think the author has gone to uni so might not post as much now but she links heaps of incredible old photos.

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