Craftsy block of the month 2013

I mentioned Craftsy in an earlier post, because I’ve been doing lots of their online tutorials and loving them! Now I am happy to say, I’m an affiliate with them, so if you ever like the sound of one of the tutorials or information I share, you can click the link or ad and join too. Lots of classes are free, but I warn you about spending in the shop – it’s very dangerous! I plan on learning to knit better this year. And the owner of Figgy’s patterns has a class or two on Craftsy, which is really exciting. So I will have some of their ads on the blog, because I really love what they have to offer. Just letting you all know!

Most exciting thing so far this year for me is signing up for the 2013 block of the month quilt tutorial. I can’t wait. Best thing of all – it’s free! You can buy all the fabric you need for it as part of the course materials if you’d like (they’re really cute), but I like a mish mash of fabrics, so I’ll be using my own scraps.

Online Quilting Class

I’ll be starting my January block as soon as I’m back from holidays (a couple weeks)! I’ve already seen lots of photos of people who have finished their first block already! They’re keen aren’t they?! Just what I need – efficient people as inspiration. Time to sort some fabric…


  1. Luna U

    Hey Wens!

    Not sure if you’re heading down the South Coast whilst you’re here, but if you do, my mum recommends the craft shop at Moruya for fabrics. She’s a voracious and prolific quilter and makes sure she stops in every time she’s at our house down there.


    • admin

      Oh that sounds like a dream Luna! I’m not sure I’ll get the chance, but thank you! Your Mum must have an enviable little fabric stash!!

  2. sam

    That sounds like fun, and a great way to pick up some extra hints and tips. I’m tempted to join, except I already have too many quilts on the go :) ))
    Wishing you a wonderful 2013 xxx Sam

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