Craftsy Blocks May and June

I did lag a little on my Craftsy BOM last month, but I’m all caught up now. And what fun it was! May was fantastic, 45° strippy spools. I tell you – Laura’s instructions are so good. I’m learning all kinds of great tips from this BOM (and it’s free!) I really used up some serious scraps on these ones, even re-piecing some corners here and there. I know they’re busy blocks but they’ll be good when all the grey backing is in (I hope). I love how just a few strips cut differently gives you so many options.

You know before I lay any blocks out on the floor I have to sweep the tumbleweeds away. Even if it is raining like springtime, apparently Mitch well and truly knows it’s summer because he is shedding like a fiend. This is what I swept today (and it’s the same thing every day).

Sheepish little ratbag should learn to push a broom after himself!

Anyway once it’s nice and clean I can go ahead and lay out my crazy colours. The June block – the LeMoyne star, was something I was kind of dreading. This one has Y seams, which is where 3 seams meet at one point, like a real pain in the ass.

However once again, the awesome Nownes explains everything really well. I knew it would be an epic block because the lesson was over 50 minutes (strippy spools was 16). I have to say, after all her careful instructions, I’ve totally conquered my fear of Y seams and am looking forward to how many more options I have for quilt patterns now. It was really fun, surprisingly quick and super satisfying.

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