Cutting fabric

Sometimes I have to laugh at quilters cutting up material and sewing it right back together again. When I am in the middle of cutting out fabric for a new quilt I sometimes pause a second and wonder if I could be spending my time more wisely. What? No. So I’m working on my “Case” quilt, the first of my sisters’ quilts. “Kel’s” quilt is going to begin soon also, but I just have to figure out her fabrics more (I’m not just using one line for hers, more mixing and matching which is hard with greys, because they can be warm or cool).  For Case’s we went with a version of this quilt (love Fancy Tiger Crafts!), made using Denyse Schmidt’s Chicopee line, using basic equilateral triangles.

I love the quilt that Jamie from FTC made, so I’m excited to make a version for Case. My triangles are going to be cut smaller (9″ down the centre) and I’ll use a few more than they did to make up a queen. I only had fat quarters, when the pattern calls for 3/8 of a yard, so I mixed in 2 extra secret fabrics – we’ll see if you can pick the odd ones out later : )

I really love these fabrics in person, Chicopee is a nice mix of vibrant hues and patterns evocative of 1970’s Americana. Denyse was inspired by her school years in central Massachusetts and prodigious amounts of television viewed. Favorite shows – which influenced her formative fashion sense – include The Brady Bunch, Mary Tyler Moore, The Partridge Family, and re-runs of The Monkees. Chicopee shows a longing for back-to-school sewing, Levi’s cords, Earth shoes and that cute senior in his paisley shirt.

It’s going to be fun to make a pyramid quilt. Although the points are going to be a challenge, but that’s what each quilt is for! Learning something new.

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