Happy halloween

We didn’t celebrate halloween at all in Australia growing up.  I believe it’s getting more popular these days, but there was no-one trick or treating when I was a kid. It’s very North American. Dress-ups and candy! I can see how most kids would find this the best night ever.  For me as an adult it’s kind of amusing.  I constantly PANIC when I see a big hairy spider decorating someones porch or crawling up the toilet paper isle in the pharmacy – seriously they’re everywhere. And if you’re Australian, hairy spiders are no joke. Not to mention the life size guy in the bakery whose head rotates when you take a number – gets me every time…

Because it’s still relatively new for me, I make sure Ange and I carve pumpkins each year. His always blows mine out of the water.  It’s so fun to pop them in the windows as we live on one of the busiest crossroads in the city, I love that people can see them toothily flicker as they drive home.

I just found out that it’s recently been scientifically identified that left-handers are more easily scared than right-handers.  Which makes a lot of sense – I’m left-handed… Happy halloween everyone!

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