Happy Spring

Ok, I guess I took my bike out a little early. I have been working on an extra special baby quilt for one of my favourites the last few weeks! Another secret, which never makes for good blogging – secret quilts! I can reveal it soon though, sending it off asap. And good news, I can finally add, I’ll be making another baby quilt for in the family this year too! Another niece or nephew for me coming in September ♥ yay!!

I’ve had this pattern for a Cooper bag from Colette patterns for a while now. I don’t like attempting sewing that might make me frustrated, aka sewing anything in 3d or curves, so it sat on the shelf for a while. But I need a backpack this year, the tote carrying on the bike just kills my shoulder, so after a while online shopping for backpacks, I remembered that I had this pattern! Really the pattern is so beautifully written and arranged in the little book, I have to try it. So I have some denim and fabric for the contrast, wish me luck : )

(photo: Colette blog, click on image to go there!)

And hopefully in the next few weeks spring will actually arrive, it’s been an OK winter, but I’m still ready to be done with giant coats and boots. What are you working on?

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