I grew up on a farm in Australia, with an amazing spread of flower and veggie gardens, orchards and vineyards. My parents slaved out there. It was the most beautiful place to grow up, eating fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs and milk, I really am grateful for those days.

As a result, I figured I should naturally be good at growing things right? Well while I could have a magnificent veggie garden if given the space, indoor plants are a totally different kettle of fish. They mystify me. Over time and with sheer stubbornness, I’m getting there, but in the beginning I watered them too much and then not enough, I couldn’t tell how much light = filtered sunlight vs low light. Orchids especially are beyond me. But I love my plants.

I got some first because I watched this most amazing TED talk How to grow fresh air, given by Kamal Meattle in Delhi, India who developed a serious lung disease from just breathing the air in his city. After reaseach, he figured how many plants he needed indoors at his office to purify the air. NASA has studied this extensively. Surprisingly it’s not many plants.  Something like 9 per person. Meattle re-fitted his entire office space with hundreds of plants so now the air in his workspace is pollution free. Incredible. Now I live on a very busy corner downtown, I decided I needed some purifying indoors, which is how I began my journey into the world of houseplants.

It’s a fascinating project. I was so impressed to hear how easy it actually is to improve air quality. Let alone having the chance to help the environment in a tiny way. I’d love to see his office!

I’ve got about 20 plants inside now and I’m going to propagate some this year and see how that goes. Do you have plants inside? Do you have one that’s your favorite? I seem to be best with philodendrons, but my heart is with my jade plant, slow growing but so lovely.

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  1. sam

    I love having indoor plants. When my MIL and FIL lived with us, we had plants everywhere – my MIL has quite the green thumb. Since then we have very few, but with plans to change that. Thinking it would be lovely to have them again, but also a fun project for Naomi and I to plant and take care of them.

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