You guys know pinterest right? It’s a content sharing service that allows members to “pin” images, videos and other objects to their pinboards – I mean it’s really addictive.  Especially if you work in a job where you sometimes have a little computer down time!  One of my favorite things to admire are the interiors of homes.  I think if I ever had my own house (ahh) I would have a lot of trouble deciding how to decorate.  But if I could, I’d have it something like a mix of these…

One amazing thing is that my partner and I have quite similar taste in furniture and design. This is weird, considering we are both opinionated artists. I would have thought it would be painful for us to choose household goodies, but I think actually if we had the chance and the cash, we’d have a great time. Of course we all know no-one ever lives as tidily as these staged photos, but if I could clean up for guests and have it look like any one of these pics, I’d be happy!

Click on the pics for their links. Do you have a pinterest?

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