It’s snowing somewhere

There’s been some snow in my hometown in Australia – which is unusual, but very exciting.  I feel patronising when I say it’s cute.  But now that I live in Montreal – I know a lot more about snow.  Feet upon feet of snow, which I love.  I’ve always said snow makes the cold worthwhile.  And the fact that the molecular structure of each snowflake is unique!  Well that’s just miraculous.

One funny thing I’ve noticed about cities I’ve lived in around the world is how many people tell me they could never move “Because I love the 4 seasons”.  Which goes to show how relative the weather is.  You can get used to anything.  One man’s winter is anothers summer. Some people think 4 seasons means temps ranging from -25º C to + 38º others think 15º is chilly and 21º is hot.

I mean, they’re really mind-blowing aren’t they?  They look like glass, so tiny but so perfect.  Science is awesome, which I know is a very refined statement, but it really is amazing.

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