So busy! I’ve been working on a really exciting project for the last few weeks. I’m going to be in an exhibition that starts beginning of August so I’ve been busily trying to finish my little piece! It’s called The Homemade Exchange, fifteen artists took a photo of a domestic setting and received a photo in exchange and each of us is making an artwork in response. It’s such a great idea for a show and really free as far as interpretation goes, but the works will all be around 30cm x 30cm which is a great smaller format. I’m really excited to see what comes up. At first I felt a little unsure about potentially exhibiting quilting, as it’s definitely not what I’m known for, but Demelza, my dear friend and the brains behind this exhibition knows what I make for now so I’m honoured she asked me.

I’ll be able to post pics when the show goes live in a couple weeks, but until then have a look at our website! Our exhibition is part of Craft Victoria’s Craft Cubed, which is an annual festival of experimental, skilled and ideas-based craft and design. Collaboration really is inspiring.

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