I’ve been thinking a lot about kindness lately and how it’s not often considered a particularly useful quality, especially in terms of business. It’s something I hold high on my list of life qualities and am aiming to be more so whenever possible. Perhaps it’s not considered cutthroat as an emotion and I know it can often lead to people taking advantage of it. Some people definitely mistake kindness for weakness, (that’s a direct quote from Al Capone) but I think in the right situation it can be an extremely powerful quality in business. Especially if your business involves people. Customers or employees.

If you’ve ever had someone show kindness at a moment when you really needed it, you surely know how powerful and indeed unforgettable it is. This week I’m aiming to think of 3 practical ways I can incorporate kindness into my workplace. I won’t mention how (don’t want to toot toot my own horn!) but I’ll let you know if I think it’s working! I’m guessing it’ll make me feel better than anyone, but hopefully it makes a difference or gets paid forward, even subliminally. Bon weekend : )


  1. Emma

    Oh yes this, I’ve been thinking about kindness lately. I’ve been taken advantage of in the past for being nice to people but you know what? I wouldn’t change anything I did. And I always remember kind people, always.

    You’re so right about business practices too, I worked for a large health department for a long time, up until fairly recently and kindness was definitely not a priority there (funny isn’t it? That in health and social services, workers and management often treat each other badly!).

    Have a great weekend Wendy :)

  2. Luna

    Ohhh, me too. I never stopped to think much about kindness (even though I have tried to be kind) until I had Anouk. Now that I am the number one influence on two small folk, it is something I try to practice with every part of me.

    They are little sponges and I want them to grow up valuing kindness over most things, possibly even more than happiness… hmmmmm. Much to consider!

    I’ll bet your place of work is already super kind but a little more never goes astray! Have a great weekend!! xx

  3. Joyti

    Ah, what a lovely post. Kindness SHOULD be appreciated in the business world – a way to gain customers/clients and network, so it’s quite sad that it isn’t. And yes, unfortunately it is mistaken for weakness, which makes people act meaner so they appear tough. So sad…

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