Layla’s bunny

Here’s the finished bunny I was working on the other weekend.  It actually was surprisingly difficult for me to sew. I had a few test runs also – working out my pattern, which were all pretty frustrating. In the end though I think it’s kind of cute.  I hope sweet  little Layla likes playing with it.  I wound up using a variation of this pattern (just the body) and making my own style of ears, arms and legs. Definitely needs a little bow around it’s neck I think.

I was surprised how different it was to sew, but I have been sewing quilt blocks the last couple months.  Trying to do something curvy and fiddly was making me mental!  I was determined I could make it easily after we saw one in the store, but I have to admit, I struggled! It was a fun break from sewing tiny straight lines though and it’s always nice to make something specially for someone.


  1. Olivia

    Hi Wendy! Of course I remember you. So great to hear from you and to discover your beautiful site. Thanks for the blog recommendations.

    Your bunny turned out to be beautiful. Toys are fiddly aren’t they? I’m knitting one at the moment.

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