Let’s move

This week I was chatting with one of my regular clients, asking what she’s been up to lately, she told me she’d been working on learning the choreography to “Move your body!” by Beyonce.  My client just turned 9 and assumed I already knew the moves, being older and all.  She threw down quite the challenge when she found out I did not know the dance, letting me know Beyonce would not be happy if I was ‘just standing there on the wall’.

Not wanting to disappoint a golden haired 9 year old, or Beyonce, I did a little research.  ”Move your body!” is a song and dance commissioned by Michelle Obama from Beyonce, as part of the ‘Let’s Move’ campaign to combat obesity, specifically targeting kids in school.  It was released last year (2011), but still seems popular in loads of schools and Zumba classes in North America.  Rightly so, I’ve discovered.  It’s especially fun to mimic Beyonce while dressed in your slobby Sunday best, pretending you’re actually in heels with a fine weave to glamourously throw around as you dance.

I’m not sure if I’ll put it into practice around another human being, but I’m glad I know the moves!  You want to learn them too?


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