Lucy’s quilt


I made this quilt for my dearest oldest friend who was expecting her first baby end of May. Little Lucy made an early appearance though, so she won’t be getting the quilt for her baby shower, but for her birthday!

Demelza is one of my favourite people in the world, I’ve known her since late high school (Aussie college) she’s super creative and a really inspiring artist. Lots of her family sew and are crafty, so when it came to making her a unisex baby quilt I felt a lot of pressure! Suddenly all my choices seemed wrong, or not quirky enough, or too boyish or to girly. In the end I knew her and Slava wouldn’t mind what I made.

We didn’t know if Lucy was a boy or a girl when I made the quilt, so I used some of my favourite general colours in here, minty little horses and a sloth or two from Sarah Watts, Cactus and wildflowers from Leah Duncan, a bit of vintage and some rich Botanics from Carolyn Friedlander.

I also used some backing fabric I’d been saving for this particular baby, it’s Children at play on parade, the circus theme is especially fitting for Melz. I hope so much that she likes it. And also that baby Lucy knows how much she is loved from the other side of the world already. xxoo


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