Wowsers, time is just snowballing in my life! If the years go by this fast now, gah 10 years from now I’m going to have to stop sleeping or something. This new business of having my own business is proving quite challenging as well as satisfying. Definitely a lesson in time management. Perhaps overkeen on meeting and satisfying everyone, I’ve had to dial back the ‘special case’ early starts and late evenings (which were every day!) That, along with some ridiculous co-op living nonsense and miserable weather have forced me to buy daffodils to keep sane!

I’ve been working on some cool things. Remembers those shorts? Well they were a lesson in why you should make a muslin first because wheeeew were they high waisted! Ha! Not that I mind terribly, but having no waist to begin with has never made me want to embrace the trend.  I did insert a fly zip like a pro, so it wasn’t a total loss. Just throw on a long t-shirt and no one will ever know how high they go : )

Also I finished a verrrry special quilt for Casey’s baby. Only a couple weeks to go!!!! Wow I never thought I’d be so excited for a niece or nephew. So exited. Just a sneak peek for now, but I’ll show you the whole thing as soon as she gets it!

The sun is finally shining, so I’m going out for a walk. There really is nothing better than a sunny stroll to make your mind rest a moment. After trying to please all the people all the time, I really should hurry up and learn to be OK with knowing my best is good enough.


  1. Emma

    Oh I love anxiety girl, that’s me in a nutshell.

    Starting your own business is huge Wendy, you should definitely just do what you can and be kind to yourself. You sound like you’re doing well with it all anyway :)

  2. Luna

    Ah, Wens! You’re one amazing lady! I’ll bet you are super excited about Case’s little one arriving soon… are you planning a visit before Christmas? I can’t wait for the big quilt reveal… what a special item to make. Hopefully I’ll be an aunty one of these days! Hang in there anxiety girl… Your best is more than good enough. Love Luna. xx

  3. Case

    Oh Wens! I can’t wait to see the quilt! I am extremely spoilt to have two amazing Wendy made quilts in my life. Gah, you’re amazing.
    Haha anxiety girl! I love you just the way you are xoxo

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