More quilt blocks!

So it’s been a few weeks since I began my ‘Farmers wife’ quilt.  I’ve missed a few weekends, but I’ve made up for some too.  So far I’ve made 35 blocks.  I laid them all out today just to have a look.  Whoa – not traditionally chosen colours that’s for sure.  Ange said it was chaotic – in a good way, I think so too.

Some of them are super frustrating to sew, but in general, I’m loving making them.  Today I made a lemon raspberry loaf to sustain me through an afternoon of sewing (don’t worry – I did take Mitch for a run up the mountain too) and all I kept thinking was – gotta buy a scratchie and win a million so I can do this all the time!

My favourites for this week are:

Happy birthday Dad!  Wish I was in the same country so I could bake you a grain-free cake to celebrate! xo


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