New cushions

I’ve been wanting to make some bright cushions for our ugly old Ikea couches for a while now.  I figured some bright prints might distract people from the fact that our white couch is now patchy beige and out black couch will never be the same after owning a white dog…

I loved Amy Butler’s Lark collection of fabrics as soon as I saw it.  I knew they’d be the perfect match for our two awesome prints that hang in the lounge room, by Mexican glass artists – the de la Torre brothers.

(Sorry for the reflections and the bend in the wall)

They were so satisfying to sew – really fast and easy.  Different fabrics on each side make it fun to change them around. I quite like sewing zippers despite the fact I have no zipper foot, I just move the needle position.

I also bought a couple of sweet napkins when I lived in Adelaide and worked at the JamFactory from a girl who had a screen printing studio there (I have long forgotten her name which is shameful), but I turned the napkins into cushions that shoot for space.  I’m very happy with the bright new additions.

If you’re not sure how to insert a zipper – there is a really great tutorial here.  Better than I could ever explain.  Do try it – it’s such a cheap fun way to personalize your home.


  1. Emma

    Thought about an Etsy store?! They’re really lovely.

    I’m obsessed with cushions! I have so many all over our home (bed, sofas, it’s ridiculous).

    Love LOVE the bottom two particularly, they’re gorgeous.

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