I’m rarely sick, but this weekend I’ve been hit. It’s good it’s over the weekend because it won’t impact my clients, but it’s a bit sad too. Nothing to be done. It’s nuts to think it’s already mid-November, but easier to believe now that there is snow falling outside my window as I write. Where does time really go?

I finished a simple plus quilt for my friend Adri. Her baby came early so I posted it off pronto for little Beatrice.

I really like the simple cross pattern. It’s a goody if I’m not sure of the tastes of the parents. I’m all about pattern and tons of colour usually, but I definitely know that’s not everyones bag. I always put a little ribbon loop now, for hanging, and a tiny signature too.

I’m super excited to be going back to Australia for the holidays. Lots of family business to focus on this year, nieces to meet, weddings to attend!!

I’ve recently been missing doing glass, it’s been a long time now. I think I’ll try and find somewhere in 2015 to tinker in, wish it wasn’t such a pricey endeavour.

I’ve also been missing Japan. I’ve spent lots of time there over the years, it really is a wonderful place, so much to explore packed into such little space.

Does being sick make you nostalgic? My Mum always used to say, “health is a crown on a well mans head that only a sick man can see”. But I’ll be fine in a couple days, I’m just going to watch tv in bed, drink juice and tea and sleep. It really could be worse!


  1. Olivia

    I hope you feel much better very soon Wendy. When I’m sick I try to avoid much deep thinking on any topic, it’s too easy to get maudlin or feel overwhelmed with all the things you want to do or change.

    Love that quilt, it’s a beauty

  2. Luna

    Oh Wens, it’s not nice to be sick. Hope you’re all better soon.

    Hopefully I will have a chance to see you this year! We’re around for most of the holidays bar a few over Christmas.

    It’s funny you mention missing Japan. At times I long for it (I call it my spirit animal ha ha) but the thought of flying all the way there with the two toddlers frightens me. I hope I get the courage soon though, I think they’d love Fushimi Inari and they do have Japanese middle names, so it’s only right they visit ASAP. ;)


  3. Emma

    I hope you’ve recovered Wendy (am v. late in seeing this, I know). I was envious about the snow falling outside your window thing, I must say.

    And I’m fascinated by all things Japanese, food, culture etc, I’d absolutely love to travel there!

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