I was sick with the dreaded early winter flu last week, it knocked me and Ange out, so we just lounged, watched daytime tv and ate chicken soup for a day or two. When I’m sick I act as if I’m dying and do absolutely nothing besides sleep and rest to try and get better. Ange on the other hand, keeps working (we are a bit opposite to some couples!) so he makes soup for the two of us, which is superb, because I would just eat oranges and dry crackers until I was better otherwise.

I did manage a big finish though! My Chicopee quilt for my sister is finito! I am pretty impressed with myself for completing my first queen size quilt, although don’t look too closely at the quilting, I did have some issues with the thin cotton backing bunching up even with my walking foot and careful checking. Note to self, make sure the backing fabric is sturdy!

Someone is photographing the huge thing as I type, so more photos in the next day or two. But for now, no rest for the wicked. I’ve got a rather exciting baby quilt to make next and the decisions for pattern and colours are killing me! (I’m thinking flying geese or disappearing nine patch next). This is my favorite and most dreaded part of quilt-making! It’s so fun to play with the fabrics, but I could second guess for weeks, months. Anyone who has been unfortunate enough to go shopping with me can attest to my horrible endless humming and hawing…

I hope you’re all well and enjoying your various seasons. I couldn’t help but give all the money in my paypal account to the Philippines, what a terrible mess, I wish I could do more than send a little cash, but hopefully it’ll make some small difference, just click the link if you’d like to do the same.


  1. Emma

    Glad you’re feeling better Wendy!

    Philippines situation is so horrible and distressing, I can’t imagine how they’re coping. It makes me want to go back to nursing just so I can go there and help but I only have hospital skills, not field ones.

    Your quilt squares look so pretty :)

  2. Luna

    Glad you’re feeling better now. Yay for finishing the quilt! You have one lucky sister… well two lucky sisters, but you know what I mean. And you are so sweet for donating your paypal account. I’m sure it will make someone’s life a little bit better. xx

  3. Case

    I am so lucky! Wow. I can’t believe how quickly you finished. It is already my most prized possession. Thanks Tweaze, you’re the BEST xox

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