Rain showers and tv

I’m not sure why I don’t enjoy the rain.  I know many people love it – being in it even. But it never makes me want to curl up with a good book and listen to it.  It makes me grumpy that it’s not sunny.  The only thing I feel like doing when it’s raining is baking.  Something warm and dry.  Or snuggling up with a pinky dog on the couch and watching an entire season of some good show.

Speaking of tv, it’s really getting good the last few years, which is awesome.  Some shows we’ve been enjoying lately.

Fun fantasy times with Game of thrones, so many nasty characters.  There are so many I despise, I wonder why I watch it.  I like the fur and feathers and velvet and brocade.  Costumes in this series are amazing.

Boardwalk emipre, Atlantic city during prohibition.  Nothing beats the hair and style of the late 1800′s up to the 1920′s.  They really seem to have a substantial budget for styling in this show too. The mens suits are perfection.  This show also has its fair share of villains.

Breaking bad is a great show, but depressed me.  I won’t give any plot descriptions because the story starts with a bang and I’d hate to ruin it for you.

I know, I know, everyone has guilty pleasures.  Come on.  I’m sure there’s a crappy tv program you love to watch too.  It makes me happy to see people dance.

Soon the sun will be out.

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  1. Demelza

    You have good taste Wens. Glad you know what makes you feel better when the rain is making you less than happy. I am still like a kid seeing a rainbow for the first time when I get a glimpse. Must be pretty special to you too.

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