It’s been a bit of a down week for me. My best friend in Montreal, the gorgeous Ellen, returned (after years in Montreal) to our home country – Australia. My boyfriend is away and my other friend is too, so I’m cleaning like crazy, watching Graham Norton and feeling a bit sorry for myself (ha whinger). While I like living in Montreal for some reasons, I can honestly say, if given half the chance, I’d move back to Aus in a heartbeat. It really is one of the most wonderful countries on earth. But more than that, I know, and I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, how lucky I am to have people in my life who mean so much to me. Most of my family and friends live far away, which is really hard day to day. And if you’ve ever moved countries you know how difficult it is to make new close friends. Not always easy to find people who you click with as an adult. I wish the internet could teleport you all here whenever I wanted!

When you go to a new country people often talk about where you’re from, especially if your accent makes you stand out. And they’ll often tell you they have a friend from Australia (and you think wow amazing) and they say that the two of you will have to meet. Now I know this is kind of people to mention, but you think of your whole country of millions of people and you shudder to think just who it might be (we don’t choose our friends based on where they’re from right?) so I often pass on meeting Aussies abroad. But Ellen’s friend, who kept insisting we should meet, was successful, and we did. And I instantly realised how hugely important it was to have a fellow countryperson as a friend. Such similar social upbringing! No talk of kangaroos! So many normal words we could use again. Such a relief knowing French really IS hard to learn. And on top of that – Ellen and I had craft in common. We were friends in minutes.

Here are just a couple of the lovely things Ellen made me over the years.

A felt Earl Grey. Because I LOVE tea! (That heart is glow in the dark thread!!!)

An amazing felted picture she made a few Christmas’ ago. I have an undying love for Japan you see. Now what kind of friend makes you crafted gifts of the things you love? The best kind. Love you E, cheers to the next chapter.


  1. Olivia

    Ellen’s felt work is great! I’m sorry you’re feeling lonely, hope you bump into another nice and compatible Australian (or Canadian!) soon.

  2. Emma

    Oh bummer on having a bit of a low week – missing loved ones is the worst. I love your thoughts on Australia, I don’t question my culture much at home (well who does really) but when travelling o/s, I feel just like you, there’ s nowhere quite like here.

    Ellen’s work is lovely and so whimsical also! And I’ve always wanted to travel to Canada, it seems such a beautiful country.

    and I love Pooh!

  3. ellen

    Oh, Wen’s,
    i am missing you more than anything, and thinking of you all the time here <3
    so many hugs sent to you across the ocean, and i cant wait to catch up with you in the future!

  4. Melz

    What a lovely post Wens- a pretty perfect way to reflect on a sad week and a special friendship and i love Ellen`s gifts too. Homemade are the best kind. Miss you x

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