Quilty time

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with the amounts of stuff on the internet. Thank goodness I can just shut my computer if need be. Phew! Lately I’ve been fairly brutally homesick and my blog-reading is out of control. As a result my inspirations have gone into overdrive and I feel frenzied just thinking about my potential next project. This is not a bad thing, too much inspiration can never be bad, but I’m changing projects constantly starting new things and ‘pinning’ like mad to try get everything going right now! ┬áThis is not an efficient way to finish tasks, but not much about me is actually efficient anyway (unless you count when I have to go buy dog food, then I’m amazing).

Here are a few things I’d love to try versions of next.

Just click on the images for their links! Happy weekend friends : )

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  1. Emma

    Yep sometimes you just have to walk away from the internet, I hear that. I’m like you only with photography, there’s so many beautiful styles, cameras and photos out there (I’m obsessed with looking at film photos in Asia and Europe lately) and although inspiring, it’s almost too much.

    Oh and I really like the look of all those quilts but that quilt second from the bottom is my favourite :)

    Good luck choosing your next project!

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