Rashida Coleman Hale

If I had to pick a favorite fabric designer (and that is just a ridiculous thing to have to choose) it would have to be Rashida Coleman-Hale. Overall her colour combinations and lovely use of graphics make my ideal fabric. So when I found out I won a 30$ certificate from Film in the Fridge (thank you Ashley!!) to shop at Bloomerie fabrics, I was thrilled to be able to order some of Rashida’s new collection, Koi. Isn’t it lovely? I particularly love the crosses and scallops.

I love all her fabric collections so far, it makes me sad sometimes that lines of fabric run out so quickly. I’d love to buy some yardage of past collections, but they’re hard to find now, I’m too new to quilting!  I just adore her Washi collection.

Speaking of fabric, I also bought a nice little bunch of material from Beverly’s in San Luis Obispo. Not sure what I will do with it yet, but it’s hard to resist fabrics in person. I got a bunch of Kona solids too, just because…

Enough show and tell, I should get sewing!! I’m feeling super lazy this weekend though, it’s the first one in a month that I’m not sick and have no visitors. I think some serious TV watching is in order!!

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