Sewing Bee TV

My guilty pleasure for reality tv these days is the Great British Sewing Bee. Gosh even spelling that out feels daggy, but seriously if you like a little bit of friendly (and they really are so nice to each other) competition, I recommend a watch. I just finished the 3rd season which you can see on youtube easily, just 6 episodes or so. It’s always good to know how to whip up a quick kilt at the last minute, isn’t it?

Truthfully I spend most of the time admiring Patrick Grants amazing outfits (he’s a Savile Row tailor and all round British styler). As well as Claudia¬†Winkleman’s (the host) silly jokes and baggy mens shirts. May Martin’s keen eye for kindly pointing out mistakes is also wonderful. ¬†It won’t give you the same thrill as the Walking Dead, but when that timer counts down and your sleeves aren’t hemmed you’ll break a sweat too, I’m sure.

Happy Easter : )

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