Sewing sewing…

I have been nice and busy both at work and on my weekends! I always say better busy than bored! Although I can’t even remember the last time I was bored! So I’ve made a couple new baby quilts. Some for friends and some for soon to be sale! I’m just using all my favorite fabrics, which seems like an obvious thing to do, but I tend to hoard them, only taking them out of the drawer to stroke and admire them, until now. I’m just going to use them all up so I can get more later! And because of this, each new little quilt I make becomes a new fav. Forgive me if you follow me on Instagram, I often feel blogging is slightly redundant, but you’re in control! Scroll down/click away if need be! The autumn weather really makes for good crafting, I usually find an hour or so to bake too, so my weekends really do end up being cozy and productive. Hope you’re enjoying your days, spring or fall!

Cotton and Steel and friends plus quilt

Chicopee and friends flying chevrons quilt

It’s my lovely Poppys birthday today. Happy birthday Dad!

It was my sweet Goddaughters birthday yesterday too! She asked for sparkly cupcakes, so I obliged (pretty much – it’s hard to find food that sparkles!) That with some real sparklers and a helium balloon and life is good!

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