I have been busy as a bee, sewing like mad. But it’s for my parents big birthdays later this year and I want it to be a surprise!! I’ve been wanting to make them something substantial for ages, but I think I mentioned before the pressure of how and what was killing me! In any case I did decide (already an impressive start for me) and I have been sewing tons for the last couple weekends, trying to make a dent in the 288 blocks I need… Phew. (here’s a sneak in progress pic)

It does involve my stash of Liberty I got from the Liberty of London Club at Westwood Acres last year. Luckily I did it then because the American dollar right now is INSANE! I am on a fabric diet (although I couldn’t resist these few new purchases, from a closing down sale, so it was OK!)

I’ve decided to make a couple of little dresses for me niece Lois from a couple of these sweet Heather Ross fabrics (those ballerinas!) using Made by Rae’s geranium dress pattern, which is a classic.  I just bought the pattern today and I’ll hopefully make one this weekend.  You know it’s so cheap to make them, especially when you can use second hand fabric, I figure the speed she’s growing, might as well make them fast, cute and affordable : )

I’ve had a rough past week or so. These things happen you know, that’s life.  I often struggle with homesickness as most of my friends are aware and it’s a weird sort of thing to feel.  Often I must seem ungrateful for how good my life is, especially at the moment with so many millions of refugees fleeing their homes, it’s ridiculous that I’m even mentioning this. But it’s not about how lucky I am (and indeed I am) it’s just an ache for something constantly missing.

Bonne Septembre.



  1. Emma

    I have to admit I do envy you Wendy, living in another country, especially Canada!

    But I get missing where you’re from, I think it’s something most of us experience. Whenever I’ve returned home from overseas, I feel a happiness which is difficult to explain, no matter how lovely a time I had.

    And those fabrics (2nd photo) are so pretty!

    • admin

      Yes! It’s not that Canada is bad in any way, it’s just not my home. And I somehow expected the feeling to come with time, but I’m realizing for some it never does fully.

  2. Linda

    Ahhhh, I can’t wait to see the finished product! Your parents are extremely lucky!!!

    As is little Lo. I made the Geranium Dress for Delphi as a birthday gift and she is obsessed with it. I’m sure it’s nothing to do with the lawn or the handmade factor and everything to do with the red flower buttons on the back… two years olds are so discerning! Anyway, I also made one (and have one cut out) for Anouk, but the top version seeing as she can wear it as a tunic. It’s such a great pattern, although the images detailing how to sew join the bodice under the arms was a tad confusing for me. I don’t know why, once I clicked it was easy as pie ha ha!

    Happy sewing! Luna. x

    • admin

      I should have known you’ve made that pattern L! I usually find sewing garments a nightmare, weirdly, so thanks for the heads up for the underarms, I’ll try and figure it out, but I may just wind up asking your advice! I’m definitely 2d not 3d!! XO

  3. emeline

    Its so heavy to carry that missing piece around with us. I know how you feel :)
    And just because someone’s situation is awful, like so so awful, it shouldn’t discount our own pains. It’s good to acknowledge the relativity of it all, but it’s good to honor your sadness too.
    And Heather Ross makes me swoon.. she wrote a memoir, I’m dying to read it!
    In other news, i was to make Made By Rae’s Luna pants…
    Reading this, I’m more sorry than ever that we couldn’t make our country date work! I’ve got a plan in the works though…
    Hang in there! And sewing for the ones you love, that’s the best way to keep your connection to home alive.

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