Sleep over quilt

I know it’s been forever. Work is kicking my butt! It’s so so busy, which is excellent for a small business owner, but not for my clients, who have to wait longer! Hopefully it’s just the season (only 6 weeks until Christmas- whaaaa?) and things will ease slightly for 2016!

Still sewing a secret quilt that I can’t show yet. And I was so ashamed at not having a nice twin sized quilt to give guests staying on our couch over the summer, that I made one. It’s from my favourite fabrics purchased this year, mostly Honeymoon, by Sarah Watts and more Cotton and Steel. I drafted a 18″ version of the Antique tile block.

Best thing about the Honeymoon fabric? Sloths!! They’re so cute. The blues are perfection in this line, I love an almost violety blue with black. I made a few little star blocks for some of the centre squares too.

It’s backed in the slightly trippy Ikea fabric that’s been popular lately, sadly my Ikea is not stocking anymore quilting weight cotton, only canvas. So I’ll have to find another affordable option for later. Pity because they were a good width too. Bring back the numbers!!

 Now if you stay at my house in the future you may well be sleeping under this beauty (it’s in the wash as we speak softening and crinkling nicely!)

Most exciting, I ordered a couple of quilting books online. One I returned (too simple) and the other is AWESOME. I love all of Nancy Purvis‘ quilts, I’ve been following her on instagram for a while (she’s @owensolivia), so I knew I’d love her book.  It’s full of my style of quilts and ones I’m happy to have patterns and advice for. While usually I enjoy planning out patterns and dare I say it, quilt math, it’s really nice to have it done for you too.

I can’t wait to get started on some of these super designs. Just trying to figure out a way to use up some of my stashed fabric and fighting the urge to buy some more especially for these projects. I’m most looking forward to making the Desert Blooms Medallion (my first medallion quilt!), the Colorblock, the Mesa and the Fossil quilts.

Happy Autumn and Spring all!

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