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Craftsy block for July

Here is my Craftsy block of the month for July! Tumbling blocks. It was fun to make and pretty easy thanks to Laura’s great as usual explanations. I’m happy it was a simplified version and not full of Y seams as it looks like it would be.

I am using serious scraps for this quilt, so I had to piece together some of my fabrics, but I think because it’s such a busy quilt so far, it will all blend well. It’s definitely pretty crazy and full of prints, but I am really loving it. This block was supposed to help see how important colour value is when quilting – darks and lights. While I know about value (thanks Fine Arts degree!) it wasn’t my main focus. I’m really interested in using challenging colours and prints for this quilt.  I’m getting better at matching points and other fiddley things too.

I’m not going to make August’s block, it’s an appliqué basket of flowers and I don’t like how it fits with the whole quilt. I’m going to do the tutorial anyway to learn Laura’s tricks, but do a square from the 2012 block of the month quilt to go in it’s place. As I finish this block and realised the next one was August I thought – AUGUST!!?? Coming already? Nuts…


Ahh finally it’s beginning to look like spring here – took it’s time. I got to sew a bit this weekend. As well as enjoy a sleep in and steak and eggs for breakfast. I made the April Craftsy block of the month, which as you can tell by April being almost over, I was kind of dreading.  I’ve never done any curved piecing so I was a bit apprehensive about this one. But of course, good old Laura explained everything brilliantly, and it was too easy!

I made it much harder for myself by insisting on machine sewing the inner circle into the block instead of appliquéing it, which I might just have to undo because it puckered so much. I don’t mind appliqué as such, I just prefer to sew it in by machine if I can. In any case – the curved part was easy! Just took my time and followed instructions and voila! Another one bites the dust. The best thing about this sample quilt is that I’m thinking of all kinds of quilts I can make using just one or a combination of any of the blocks so far.

I also started a new little project, beginning to make some little lap/baby quilts for fun and to give away and sell.  It was so fun to just piece squares together for a change, I really enjoy just the process of sewing some days. This little pastel quilt is really fun.

I was actually waiting all week for my first ebay purchase – woot! It’s a walking foot for my machine, finally. I hope and pray this will help my little machine be able to at least straight line quilt. I’m planning on testing it out on my Architextures quilt that I recently threw in the corner after my last disaster with trying to quilt it. Now I’m excited to try again with new batting and a new foot.

Craftsy BOM March

Lucky February was a short month, the March block for Craftsy’s block of the month was a great one! Laura taught us how to draft a block. Which I kind of knew how to do, but not officially.  So this class was a really good one for me, it’s nowhere near as difficult as it seems. All you need is a little graph paper and basic math and you’re good to make all kinds of things. I highly recommend her class, it’s free and you can pick and choose, you don’t even have to make the quilt, just the lessons alone are full of nice tips and techniques.

I’m using a bunch of random scraps in bright colours, mostly Amy Butler and Joel Dewberry. As well as some new Architextures and Floressence. This block is called the Economy block and it’s fairly large compared to the others at 17 in. These have been such a fun break from sewing my farmer’s wife blocks, I can’t wait for more!

Craftsy BOM February

This quilt is going to be a real learning quilt for me.  Which is why I like BOM’s because you get so many good new tips and ideas. Craftsy’s February blocks are sewn using partial seams, which are nothing too difficult, but really good to know how to do. Once again Laura explains them really well. I totally enjoyed making these 3, now I’m just wanting March to come quickly.  (Not just for the next BOM, hurry up spring!)

Using some pretty craaazy colour combo’s – Joel Dewberry, Amy Butler, Anthology and Anna Maria Horner. These blocks were much easier than I thought they’d be.

Craftsy block of the month 2013

I mentioned Craftsy in an earlier post, because I’ve been doing lots of their online tutorials and loving them! Now I am happy to say, I’m an affiliate with them, so if you ever like the sound of one of the tutorials or information I share, you can click the link or ad and join too. Lots of classes are free, but I warn you about spending in the shop – it’s very dangerous! I plan on learning to knit better this year. And the owner of Figgy’s patterns has a class or two on Craftsy, which is really exciting. So I will have some of their ads on the blog, because I really love what they have to offer. Just letting you all know!

Most exciting thing so far this year for me is signing up for the 2013 block of the month quilt tutorial. I can’t wait. Best thing of all – it’s free! You can buy all the fabric you need for it as part of the course materials if you’d like (they’re really cute), but I like a mish mash of fabrics, so I’ll be using my own scraps.

Online Quilting Class

I’ll be starting my January block as soon as I’m back from holidays (a couple weeks)! I’ve already seen lots of photos of people who have finished their first block already! They’re keen aren’t they?! Just what I need – efficient people as inspiration. Time to sort some fabric…