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Clementine dress

I already posted about my friend Thouraya’s awesome pattern the Clementine dress a few weeks ago. I wanted to show you a few of my end results! And I thought I’d mention a couple of things about this pattern I noticed as a total novice.

First, I loved making it! I’m not great at making garments, so I thought this pattern looked fairly simple to sew. Simple in a good way! It was so fun and fast to make, I promptly made a second a day later.

Second, I made two size 2′s, and something awesome about that size and lower is that you can cut out a whole dress from a generous half yard cut, (19inches) or easily into half a meter. This is PERFECT for me, as a quilter I often buy half yard cuts of fabric, so I have LOTS on hand, all of it super cute, I want to make a million little girl dresses.

Third, while Thouraya’s pattern does mention the best fabrics to use, I used quilting cotton. It might not be the ideal fabric to use, but I quite like the heavy drape (and it’s pretty much all I own). Only thing that I changed while making my second dress, was to definitely use a light fabric for the lining, otherwise you’re getting some bulky seams if you layer two lots of quilting cotton as dress and lining. That being said, I think it wouldn’t be awful to wear either way.

Fourth, I sewed the back seam halfway up, then did two buttons at the top. I’m not sure this was a good idea, but I didn’t have enough buttons so I figured with the nice flared fit of the dress, it should fit over a little head with just a couple buttons. I like the way it looks too, because the buttons are on the lined part of the dress and the rest is neatly seamed away.

I really enjoyed making the collar, I trimmed mine really close to the seam as opposed to clipping it on the inside, mostly because I wanted it super round, but we’ll see how it holds up! The second dress was made without a collar, just as a test to see how quick I could whip one up! I’d say if you’ve never sewn before, use Thouraya’s instructions and not mine though!!

I wish I had my little niece here to take photos of her in person wearing them! But those pics will have to come later. Also it’s Autumn in Australia now, so she’ll definitely have to layer these dresses with some cardi’s and leggings : )

If you have littlies who like to wear dresses, do try this pattern. It’s so satisfying and cute, and comes in a big range of sizes from newborn to size 10.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy making some too.

Sew it alone

This week and next it’s just me and the dog, so while I’ll be insanely busy with work and a dog (yes owning a dog is a ton of work, no I’ll never call him my ‘child’ but he is a big high energy responsibility!) It also means I can sew aaaaall day on the weekend! Pretty excited to just put on trakkies, eat only when necessary, make a million cups of tea that I will drink only a few sips of and sew a lot!

I’ve started a number of projects lately and finished none! However one project that I’m really excited to make on the weekend is my old friend Thouraya’s lovely pattern, the Clementine dress. I wrote about Thouraya before, we worked together at the National Gallery of Australia a long time ago now, fun times telling people where the bathrooms and ‘Blue Poles’ were. I’ve loved seeing the Clementine dress sew along she’s had on her blog and instagram lately. Looks like the perfect pattern for showing off some cute fabric with a pretty friendly looking pattern (as in, not too complex, although if anyone can overcomplicate things, it’s me and the seam-ripper.)

I did finish this quilt, I made the top ages ago, but I always choke on the binding, not my favourite part!

It’s almost spring, we’ve seen some good days, but they get pulled away quickly by some horrid weather. I’m always dying for spring warmth and green this time of year, makes me wish I could pop down to the beach with my sweet niece for a quick swim. But it’ll be here before I know it!

Don’t forget to April fools your friends and family : )


Thouraya Battye

For a number of years I worked at the National Gallery of Australia.  At the front desk, greeting visitors, selling tickets and answering (often ridiculous) questions. During this time, I had many awesome co-workers and one of them was Thouraya. Thouraya had recently graduated from the Photomedia department at the Canberra School of Art. Now she still photographs, but her subject matter, more often than not, is either of her two darling little girls, or one of her sewing/craft projects and she has many!  She makes and sells super cute clothing for girls and boys, as well as quirky, sometimes hilarious costumes.  I really enjoy her blog which is full of weekly adventures and ideas, and I’m amazed at what she seems able to fit into a day!

Tell people a little about yourself.  Where were you born/grow up, did you study?

I was born in Sydney, Australia and grew up in the southern suburbs near the beach. I studied Film and English at the University of New South Wales and moved onto study Photomedia at the Canberra School of Art.

What do you do now, is it what would you like to be doing?

I run a small handmade children’s clothing label Amelie and Atticus where I sew clothes and costumes from a range of vintage and new fabrics. I take photos in my spare time but would like to develop this further and start to exhibit again.

What does a typical day for you involve?  Or a typical week?  Is typical even a word for you?

My typical week is a balance of part-time paid work, part-time stay at home mother and part-time sewer. I mostly work through the week and weekends sewing in between looking after the children!

What mediums do you like to work with?

I love working with vintage fabrics as they are so colourful and unique. I also love the soft texture of the older worn fabrics.

Where do you work?

At home I have a sunroom that I have converted into a studio, it’s handy as it comes off both the kitchen and the lounge room which makes it easier to sew in as the girls can play while I sew!

Who or what inspires you most – at the moment?

I am inspired mostly by other artists and designers through their blogs and websites. I also find a lot of inspiration in film and television and I usually always have something on my laptop to watch while I sew. I am also inspired to create clothes and costumes based what my daughters are interested in. To see a concise view of what inspires me I have pretty much pinned it all:  http://pinterest.com/amelieatticus/

Do you have a favourite blog and/or book to recommend?

Some blogs I love are:

LENSCRATCH for photography (http://www.lenscratch.com/) – it’s always inspiring and they have exhibitions on the blog that you can contribute to.

BADSKIRT for sewing and quilting (http://badskirt.blogspot.com.au/) – always bright and inspiring creations

KATIE’S KITCHEN for Baking, Sewing and Crochet (http://katieskitchenblog.com/) – always amazing photography and brilliant cakes.

Best thing you’ve ever made?

My favourite thing that I have made recently was the Castle Writer and Police Vests I made for the girls:

I think they are my favourite at the moment because I am obsessed with the show as opposed to the skill involved – nonetheless I LOVE them!

What is the coolest thing to do in your town?

We are currently living in Sydney and I love to head to the beach just to have lunch or go for a walk. I also love a good handmade market or trip to a good thrift store to pick up some vintage goodness!

And one awesome place to eat there?

I love to try new places to eat and we recently had Elvis Pizza down on Brighton Beach (http://www.jailhouse.com.au/). It was delicious and great to see the King out front!

Is there something you’re bad at?

There are many things I am bad at…including singing and dancing (though I’d love to be brilliant at both), sitting up straight, and probably the worst of all is learning to step away from the computer and engage more in real life!

Did you ever want to be rich or famous?  What drives you?

I’d love to be rich to be able to have the freedom to live where I want and be able to work as an artist and parent full time. In regards to fame I don’t think I’d want to be famous but I would love it if people like what I create. In my work I am mostly driven to create things that I love and have been inspired to sew. In taking photos I like to create interesting scenes of modern life as other artists like Sally Mann did (and does!).

Reversible Cape

Thanks Thouraya! It’s so nice to have a sneak peak into how you work and things you like!  To see more of Thouraya you can visit her in many ways.

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