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Some tricky blocks

I made a bunch of my Farmer’s wife quilt blocks over the weekend and in the evenings this week. I did all the easiest ones first, so now that I have about 30 to go – they’re getting more and more fiddly! HA. I should have thought of that in the beginning and mixed it up when I started. Anyway. The best thing about all that is, sadly, I got a new unpicker/ripper last week, which is coming in really handy. Gah, these blocks were super annoying, but I enjoyed them at the same time. Nuts.

I’ve been really craving cookies lately, so I made a batch of Anzacs to nosh on while I worked. It’s OK, I ran this morning. I don’t know how the amazing quilting people in blogland finish quilts so quickly. I’m one of the only one without kids and I’m still the slowest!

Country path and Century of progress

Wild goose chase and Corn and beans

Postage stamp and Prairie queen

Wild rose & square and Cut glass dish

Corn and beans really drove me loopy, but it’s a nice one after all. Same with cut glass dish, you can see the fabric puckered, so I might have to redo that one. I’m hoping another month or two and I’ll be done the blocks. Wishful thinking? My blood type is B positive after all : )