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Lap quilt

I often seem to be making things for one of my sisters, Case! But I have another sister too! Ha, over Christmas I made Kel some simple cushions from fabric she chose while we were on holidays in California last year.  There was a bunch of fabric left over so I decided to make her a little lap quilt for the couch to go with the previously made cushions! She doesn’t know it’s on its way, but she has a rather special birthday coming up next week – 30. (Gah my baby sister is 30!) I hope she likes it.

It’s the first time I bought a quilt pattern, aside from the book for the Farmers Wife quilt. This one is by CluckCluckSew and I knew it was a good modern pattern perfect for Kel. Not sure the bigger chevron prints work so well cut this way, but I love the overall look.

This particular quilt was a lesson in making sure to pre-wash cheap cotton from the crappy fabric store. Usually I buy lovely fabric from amazing manufacturers, but I can’t afford it always, so I often stock up on cheaper cottons when I can. But… The navy binding fabric on this quilt ran allllll over the quilt, lovely blueish tie-dye effect everywhere. Ugh. And I washed and dried it before I noticed… Many many stain removers and washes later it seemed better and off it was sent.

Happy birthday Kel! You may well never read this (not a big blog reader!) But if  you do I hope you have the best time in your 30′s. I can’t believe you’re that old little Poots, although you always were way more together and driven than any of the rest of us. You’re a beautiful, funny and fun sister who I can’t imagine life without. Big hugs xo