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Craftsy Blocks May and June

I did lag a little on my Craftsy BOM last month, but I’m all caught up now. And what fun it was! May was fantastic, 45° strippy spools. I tell you – Laura’s instructions are so good. I’m learning all kinds of great tips from this BOM (and it’s free!) I really used up some serious scraps on these ones, even re-piecing some corners here and there. I know they’re busy blocks but they’ll be good when all the grey backing is in (I hope). I love how just a few strips cut differently gives you so many options.

You know before I lay any blocks out on the floor I have to sweep the tumbleweeds away. Even if it is raining like springtime, apparently Mitch well and truly knows it’s summer because he is shedding like a fiend. This is what I swept today (and it’s the same thing every day).

Sheepish little ratbag should learn to push a broom after himself!

Anyway once it’s nice and clean I can go ahead and lay out my crazy colours. The June block – the LeMoyne star, was something I was kind of dreading. This one has Y seams, which is where 3 seams meet at one point, like a real pain in the ass.

However once again, the awesome Nownes explains everything really well. I knew it would be an epic block because the lesson was over 50 minutes (strippy spools was 16). I have to say, after all her careful instructions, I’ve totally conquered my fear of Y seams and am looking forward to how many more options I have for quilt patterns now. It was really fun, surprisingly quick and super satisfying.

Craftsy BOM March

Lucky February was a short month, the March block for Craftsy’s block of the month was a great one! Laura taught us how to draft a block. Which I kind of knew how to do, but not officially.  So this class was a really good one for me, it’s nowhere near as difficult as it seems. All you need is a little graph paper and basic math and you’re good to make all kinds of things. I highly recommend her class, it’s free and you can pick and choose, you don’t even have to make the quilt, just the lessons alone are full of nice tips and techniques.

I’m using a bunch of random scraps in bright colours, mostly Amy Butler and Joel Dewberry. As well as some new Architextures and Floressence. This block is called the Economy block and it’s fairly large compared to the others at 17 in. These have been such a fun break from sewing my farmer’s wife blocks, I can’t wait for more!

A change of seasons

In about 24 hours I went from close to 40° C to -27° C (that’s about 105°F to -15°F) isn’t that nuts? More than a 60° different and my poor skin feels it!  An extra hot week in Aus and a real cold one here in Canada.  It’s  pretty crazy how fast you can go from one to the other and actually survive!

Anyway I had my second birthday at home in Montreal and look what my awesome boyfriend made for me!! My OWN craft space! It was such a great present to come home to. So perfect. Now my sewing machine doesn’t need to be as nomadic as before and my fabrics can have a home outside of their plastic bag : )

He really did an awesome job with the whole thing. Now I just have to get over the brutal jetlag and I can start sewing. Looking forward to starting my Craftsy BOM, continuing my FWQ and tons of other new projects!

Craftsy block of the month 2013

I mentioned Craftsy in an earlier post, because I’ve been doing lots of their online tutorials and loving them! Now I am happy to say, I’m an affiliate with them, so if you ever like the sound of one of the tutorials or information I share, you can click the link or ad and join too. Lots of classes are free, but I warn you about spending in the shop – it’s very dangerous! I plan on learning to knit better this year. And the owner of Figgy’s patterns has a class or two on Craftsy, which is really exciting. So I will have some of their ads on the blog, because I really love what they have to offer. Just letting you all know!

Most exciting thing so far this year for me is signing up for the 2013 block of the month quilt tutorial. I can’t wait. Best thing of all – it’s free! You can buy all the fabric you need for it as part of the course materials if you’d like (they’re really cute), but I like a mish mash of fabrics, so I’ll be using my own scraps.

Online Quilting Class

I’ll be starting my January block as soon as I’m back from holidays (a couple weeks)! I’ve already seen lots of photos of people who have finished their first block already! They’re keen aren’t they?! Just what I need – efficient people as inspiration. Time to sort some fabric…