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Dear Spring

Please come soon spring! We cannot take much more of this chill. It’s no surprise March is always miserable in the Northern hemisphere, it’s the month we’re all secretly hoping could be warmer. But alas, it probably won’t be nice for another month at least.

I have been slowly sewing together the blocks with sashing for my Farmers Wife quilt. Yes it’s been years in the making this thing, but I’m so happy to see it come together in all it’s pastel goodness. Such strong memories in this quilt, when I used to sew on the coffee table and pack all my fabric into one plastic bag. The sashing makes it all fit together well, but I’m thinking of adding some kind of border too, just to give it that nice full coverage of the bed- insane? A triangular border? Yes, but this quilt is worth it. Have I mentioned I’ll be hand quilting  the whole thing? Definite never ending story, cant even imagine what to use for the back, but I’ll get there.

In the mean time I made a super fast baby quilt for friends of Ange’s. They had a baby boy who spent a couple weeks in and out of hospital so Ange thought the little guy needed a snuggly blanket asap. I used mostly Indian Summer and some Cotton and Steel prints for this one. Really simple squares are sometimes quite effective. I did some crisscross quilting and used a japanese cotton for the back, hopefully they like they colours! It’s always a tricky thing to make quilts for a) boys b) people you don’t really know.

I’m hoping to teach a good friend some simple quilting this month! I’ve got lots of ideas for easy starter patterns so we’ll see what she wants to try first. It’s a slippery slope of fabric hoarding though! I’ll have to practice my French so I can explain to her properly what it means to be addicted to fabric!

Biggest treat this month was a trip to see the Orchestra of Montreal with the incredible pianist Nikolai Luganski perform Chopins- Piano Concerto No. 1 in E minor, Op. 11. With fun conductor, Juanjo Mena and the orchestra also playing Tchaikovskys- Symphony No. 5 in E minor, Op. 64. I’m fortunate enough to have an amazing client who is a violinist in the OSM who sometimes offers me bargain tickets to terrific events such as these. This is the first time I’ve been able to go, but I’m looking forward to returning to see more great concerts in the future. Such a fun night out and check out our seats!!

Slow and steady

It’s really slow actually, my Farmers’ Wife quilt is getting so close to the end. Lately I’ve been seeing lots of peoples finished ones which is good for inspiration. I’m almost there, I decided to lay them all out on the bed to get a vision of how it’s going. I usually just add a new one to a big tall stack of squares so it was nice to see them all together. After making some quilt tops with bigger pieces going back to this one is proving a bit of a challenge, my squares are just over 6 in (15cm) which is pretty small.  But I shall persevere and while I do I am trying to decide if I’ll do sashing in my favorite Kona Snow (a nice off white) or a light grey.  Hmm.

Slow and steady

Remember how enthusiastic I was about my Farmers Wife quilt? All 111 blocks?  Well I still am! You thought I’d pushed them aside! No really, I have slowed down, the fiddly ones can get super frustrating, but I still love this quilt. Plus I’m aaaaalmost there! Here are a couple of recent blocks.

Wild Geese



It’s getting there isn’t it? Sure is a tortoise more than a hare, but it’ll be worth it I’m sure! Mostly it’s just difficult not to get sidetracked with new bright shiny fabrics and therefore new projects.  However I am determined not to begin too many things before I finish some. (Fat chance).

Pair of pears

I know it’s not just me who has those weekends where you planned to do tons, but you only got a fraction done. Wait a minute. That’s every weekend! But this one was particularly nondescript. I did get a few key things done. Bloody expensive trip to the dentist, check. Bus out to IKEA to buy backing fabric for my Architextures quilt, check (note – do not attempt to catch to bus out to any IKEA, it takes hours and you can’t carry everything, no matter how little you buy.) Some housework, check, but I wish it didn’t pile up so aggressively. Oh and one block of my farmer’s wife quilt.

I’m going to try and sew in the evenings this week. Usually I need to take the whole day, luxurious I know. But I like to prepare and plan and make tea and sew for a few hours at a time. Now with two jobs, it’s harder to fit fun stuff like sewing in, but I’m determined.

I also received a late birthday gift from one of my oldest and best friends in Australia, Melz. She gave me 2 of her sisters hand made felted pears! Aren’t they awesome? I’ve long admired Olivia’s beautifully knit and felted pears. And I have to say, I’m particularly happy with my pair of pears, the colours are just superb. I highly recommend both Olivia (her knitting will blow your mind) and Demelza’s (multi-talented visual artist) blogs. Amazingly talented sisters.

The pears stare wistfully out the window wishing for spring!  Come on Spring!

A change of seasons

In about 24 hours I went from close to 40° C to -27° C (that’s about 105°F to -15°F) isn’t that nuts? More than a 60° different and my poor skin feels it!  An extra hot week in Aus and a real cold one here in Canada.  It’s  pretty crazy how fast you can go from one to the other and actually survive!

Anyway I had my second birthday at home in Montreal and look what my awesome boyfriend made for me!! My OWN craft space! It was such a great present to come home to. So perfect. Now my sewing machine doesn’t need to be as nomadic as before and my fabrics can have a home outside of their plastic bag : )

He really did an awesome job with the whole thing. Now I just have to get over the brutal jetlag and I can start sewing. Looking forward to starting my Craftsy BOM, continuing my FWQ and tons of other new projects!

Quilt blocks

This last week I’ve been working on my wonky log cabin blocks to send to Sam, but last week I made a few more of my farmers’ wife blocks.  I’m really enjoying making them still.  Even had a crafternoon with my awesome friend Ellen, who is a crafting queen.  I did seem to manage to complain a lot during one particularly fiddly block, which I think Ellen found funny, all my complaining and then I turn around and tell her how much I love it.

Hill and valley








Streak of lightening








More quilt blocks!

So it’s been a few weeks since I began my ‘Farmers wife’ quilt.  I’ve missed a few weekends, but I’ve made up for some too.  So far I’ve made 35 blocks.  I laid them all out today just to have a look.  Whoa – not traditionally chosen colours that’s for sure.  Ange said it was chaotic – in a good way, I think so too.

Some of them are super frustrating to sew, but in general, I’m loving making them.  Today I made a lemon raspberry loaf to sustain me through an afternoon of sewing (don’t worry – I did take Mitch for a run up the mountain too) and all I kept thinking was – gotta buy a scratchie and win a million so I can do this all the time!

My favourites for this week are:

Happy birthday Dad!  Wish I was in the same country so I could bake you a grain-free cake to celebrate! xo