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Getting inspired

I have been sewing a little bit here and there, in between working on the new business! Sweetchops is going great guns thanks to everyone adventuring out and visiting me. I can’t tell you how fun it is meeting so many new and interesting people and having a warm relaxed place for my existing clients too. But I still need some sewing time!

I love Leah Duncan, her fabric and prints are so nice and I really thought they would go well in the new salon space. While working on my farmers wife quilt I’ve been earmarking all my favorite block so I could go back and use them individually later on in quilts themselves. I enlarged the pattern for ‘squash blossom’ which has an awesome Navajo feel, I believe, perfect for Leah’s fabrics. And I made some bigger blocks that are soon to become cushions in the ‘waiting room’.

I also had been asked aaages ago by my dear friends Liz and Karl if I could make some cushions for their new lounge area in their office. I searched and searched for some cool black and white upholstery fabric. They wanted me to coordinate with a black and white rug that was already in the room. But after looking for some good graphic prints I realised upholstery fabrics are a bit frumpy. So I decided to make some graphic black and white quilt blocks that hopefully weren’t frumpy :)

I backed them in the famous IKEA Britten Nummer fabric and I love the results. I even made a round cushion which was an interesting learning experience putting a zipper into. They are a smidge lighter than the rug and couch base cushions, so I might tea-dye them to darken them up a slight bit. And will you take a look at my sweet God-daughter? Isn’t she the cutest? I made 4 cushions all up and I love how much faster they are than a whole quilt!

I’m still not getting as much done on the weekends as I’d like, turn out a business is a ton of work!? But I wrote a list of all my things to finish/new projects and there are 9 things on it. 9 big things! Including possibly attempting Noodleheads cargo duffle bag, with thanks to Mere for starting me on another new project I probably didn’t need!! Also branching into some garment sewing – SHORTS!! I’m making some.

a few more

Wowzer, the end of the year is flying by. I can’t believe it’s mid-month already. Do I say that every month? I think so. I’ve been manically Christmas shopping. We still buy gifts for everyone in our family as well as partners and in-laws, it amounts to well over 20 gifts for me which I am kind of struggling with this year! Some people are easy, but I refuse to buy crappy filler presents for people who are harder. If all else fails food is always my back-up. Everyone loves a treat that doesn’t take up much space (aside from in the stomach!)

I sewed a few more Farmers Wife blocks because after I lay them all out a couple weeks ago I realised that I only had about 10 more to make. Out of 100 that is such an awesome relief. Much as I love making them, I am ready to move on!

It snowed almost 2 feet (half a meter) here last night and today! Snow is marvellous! I can take the cold if there is beautiful sparkling pillowy brightness everywhere. The sound changes, everything is quieter because the snow absorbs the sound, so the usual traffic I hear outside is pleasantly muffled. You should see Mitch go crazy out there too – dogs LOVE the snow. Seems odd that in a week I will be sipping cocktails by the pool for a real Aussie Christmas.

Pair of pears

I know it’s not just me who has those weekends where you planned to do tons, but you only got a fraction done. Wait a minute. That’s every weekend! But this one was particularly nondescript. I did get a few key things done. Bloody expensive trip to the dentist, check. Bus out to IKEA to buy backing fabric for my Architextures quilt, check (note – do not attempt to catch to bus out to any IKEA, it takes hours and you can’t carry everything, no matter how little you buy.) Some housework, check, but I wish it didn’t pile up so aggressively. Oh and one block of my farmer’s wife quilt.

I’m going to try and sew in the evenings this week. Usually I need to take the whole day, luxurious I know. But I like to prepare and plan and make tea and sew for a few hours at a time. Now with two jobs, it’s harder to fit fun stuff like sewing in, but I’m determined.

I also received a late birthday gift from one of my oldest and best friends in Australia, Melz. She gave me 2 of her sisters hand made felted pears! Aren’t they awesome? I’ve long admired Olivia’s beautifully knit and felted pears. And I have to say, I’m particularly happy with my pair of pears, the colours are just superb. I highly recommend both Olivia (her knitting will blow your mind) and Demelza’s (multi-talented visual artist) blogs. Amazingly talented sisters.

The pears stare wistfully out the window wishing for spring!  Come on Spring!