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Getting inspired

I have been sewing a little bit here and there, in between working on the new business! Sweetchops is going great guns thanks to everyone adventuring out and visiting me. I can’t tell you how fun it is meeting so many new and interesting people and having a warm relaxed place for my existing clients too. But I still need some sewing time!

I love Leah Duncan, her fabric and prints are so nice and I really thought they would go well in the new salon space. While working on my farmers wife quilt I’ve been earmarking all my favorite block so I could go back and use them individually later on in quilts themselves. I enlarged the pattern for ‘squash blossom’ which has an awesome Navajo feel, I believe, perfect for Leah’s fabrics. And I made some bigger blocks that are soon to become cushions in the ‘waiting room’.

I also had been asked aaages ago by my dear friends Liz and Karl if I could make some cushions for their new lounge area in their office. I searched and searched for some cool black and white upholstery fabric. They wanted me to coordinate with a black and white rug that was already in the room. But after looking for some good graphic prints I realised upholstery fabrics are a bit frumpy. So I decided to make some graphic black and white quilt blocks that hopefully weren’t frumpy :)

I backed them in the famous IKEA Britten Nummer fabric and I love the results. I even made a round cushion which was an interesting learning experience putting a zipper into. They are a smidge lighter than the rug and couch base cushions, so I might tea-dye them to darken them up a slight bit. And will you take a look at my sweet God-daughter? Isn’t she the cutest? I made 4 cushions all up and I love how much faster they are than a whole quilt!

I’m still not getting as much done on the weekends as I’d like, turn out a business is a ton of work!? But I wrote a list of all my things to finish/new projects and there are 9 things on it. 9 big things! Including possibly attempting Noodleheads cargo duffle bag, with thanks to Mere for starting me on another new project I probably didn’t need!! Also branching into some garment sewing – SHORTS!! I’m making some.

Slow and steady

It’s really slow actually, my Farmers’ Wife quilt is getting so close to the end. Lately I’ve been seeing lots of peoples finished ones which is good for inspiration. I’m almost there, I decided to lay them all out on the bed to get a vision of how it’s going. I usually just add a new one to a big tall stack of squares so it was nice to see them all together. After making some quilt tops with bigger pieces going back to this one is proving a bit of a challenge, my squares are just over 6 in (15cm) which is pretty small.  But I shall persevere and while I do I am trying to decide if I’ll do sashing in my favorite Kona Snow (a nice off white) or a light grey.  Hmm.

Quilting fail

I’m new to quilting. I’ve been sewing for years, but actually machine quilting a top, batting and back of a quilt together. Never really done that, I’ve only hand-quilted. Which must make you think I’m mad to be making all these quilts. Turns out my machine is not so set up for quilting, or I should say – I had to learn the hard way. I need to adjust the pressure, the tension and buy a walking foot and better batting, because the first row I decided to quilt was a total disaster. Now I think I should just buy a new machine and start fresh. It’s hard to chase up little parts when you live in a quilt unfriendly city and don’t have a car.

Beautiful hand quilting on an Amish quilt.

So even though I wanted to finish my Architextures quilt today, hah, not a chance. That will still be another coupe of weeks or so. Until I get a walking foot and figure out the Singer better. I had a bit of a tantie today, so I’ll continue piecing my farmers wife quilt tomorrow. Old trusty. And then sewing Craftsy’s April block.

Tall pine tree

Hopefully everyone had a fun weekend. I baked fluffy cupcakes which we decided to celebrate Satuday with by having them for dinner (:

I’ll be reading the hundreds of quilting blogs I follow all evening to get more tips on beginners quilting and try and narrow down the insane amount of choice there is between sewing machines.