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Laurent Chéhère

Couscous à emporter

I’m constantly inspired by so many people and lately I’ve found myself staring at Laurent Chéhère‘s work for ages. I just study the images and feel myself transported, I love the feeling I get when I look at them, it’s the same as when I daydream. What a beautiful space to spend some time in, especially lately as I’m not having the easiest week. Chéhère is a French photographer from Paris who worked a lot in advertising before exploring the world and then choosing to work more on his own photographs. These flying houses are a gorgeous series, I recommend his website, there is another series called the Fog and one called Miroir, that is are also both dreamy.



Le ballon rouge 

Le linge qui seche

Le Blanchisserie

Le Voyeur

A Vendre

Cinema X

 Hotel le Savoie

Hotel du Lion d’Or


All images via Laurent’s website