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Slow and steady

Remember how enthusiastic I was about my Farmers Wife quilt? All 111 blocks?  Well I still am! You thought I’d pushed them aside! No really, I have slowed down, the fiddly ones can get super frustrating, but I still love this quilt. Plus I’m aaaaalmost there! Here are a couple of recent blocks.

Wild Geese



It’s getting there isn’t it? Sure is a tortoise more than a hare, but it’ll be worth it I’m sure! Mostly it’s just difficult not to get sidetracked with new bright shiny fabrics and therefore new projects.  However I am determined not to begin too many things before I finish some. (Fat chance).

Some tricky blocks

I made a bunch of my Farmer’s wife quilt blocks over the weekend and in the evenings this week. I did all the easiest ones first, so now that I have about 30 to go – they’re getting more and more fiddly! HA. I should have thought of that in the beginning and mixed it up when I started. Anyway. The best thing about all that is, sadly, I got a new unpicker/ripper last week, which is coming in really handy. Gah, these blocks were super annoying, but I enjoyed them at the same time. Nuts.

I’ve been really craving cookies lately, so I made a batch of Anzacs to nosh on while I worked. It’s OK, I ran this morning. I don’t know how the amazing quilting people in blogland finish quilts so quickly. I’m one of the only one without kids and I’m still the slowest!

Country path and Century of progress

Wild goose chase and Corn and beans

Postage stamp and Prairie queen

Wild rose & square and Cut glass dish

Corn and beans really drove me loopy, but it’s a nice one after all. Same with cut glass dish, you can see the fabric puckered, so I might have to redo that one. I’m hoping another month or two and I’ll be done the blocks. Wishful thinking? My blood type is B positive after all : )

the sick Farmers wife

Because I wasn’t well this weekend, I spent time with my farmer’s wife. Old comfort that it is. I’m not sure how many blocks I’ve done now, but I’m guessing around 60. Getting to the fiddley ones now. Most people are well and truly finished theirs, so I can get lots of good tips for the tricky blocks, but I really love sewing this quilt, I swear it helped make me well.

I know they’re a mish mash of colours here, but when all 60 are together they’ll be awesome! Do you do anything to make yourself feel better when you’re sick? Aside from chicken soup and movies!

A change of seasons

In about 24 hours I went from close to 40° C to -27° C (that’s about 105°F to -15°F) isn’t that nuts? More than a 60° different and my poor skin feels it!  An extra hot week in Aus and a real cold one here in Canada.  It’s  pretty crazy how fast you can go from one to the other and actually survive!

Anyway I had my second birthday at home in Montreal and look what my awesome boyfriend made for me!! My OWN craft space! It was such a great present to come home to. So perfect. Now my sewing machine doesn’t need to be as nomadic as before and my fabrics can have a home outside of their plastic bag : )

He really did an awesome job with the whole thing. Now I just have to get over the brutal jetlag and I can start sewing. Looking forward to starting my Craftsy BOM, continuing my FWQ and tons of other new projects!

Quilt blocks

This last week I’ve been working on my wonky log cabin blocks to send to Sam, but last week I made a few more of my farmers’ wife blocks.  I’m really enjoying making them still.  Even had a crafternoon with my awesome friend Ellen, who is a crafting queen.  I did seem to manage to complain a lot during one particularly fiddly block, which I think Ellen found funny, all my complaining and then I turn around and tell her how much I love it.

Hill and valley








Streak of lightening








More quilt blocks!

So it’s been a few weeks since I began my ‘Farmers wife’ quilt.  I’ve missed a few weekends, but I’ve made up for some too.  So far I’ve made 35 blocks.  I laid them all out today just to have a look.  Whoa – not traditionally chosen colours that’s for sure.  Ange said it was chaotic – in a good way, I think so too.

Some of them are super frustrating to sew, but in general, I’m loving making them.  Today I made a lemon raspberry loaf to sustain me through an afternoon of sewing (don’t worry – I did take Mitch for a run up the mountain too) and all I kept thinking was – gotta buy a scratchie and win a million so I can do this all the time!

My favourites for this week are:

Happy birthday Dad!  Wish I was in the same country so I could bake you a grain-free cake to celebrate! xo

Quilt squares

So I’ve been going nuts with the quilt squares!  I thought I would go along and make 2 a week, like the quilt along says.  They are pretty tedious to cut out, let alone sew (and unpick!) But I’ve been having so much fun making them I’m already past 20.  Which is great.  At this speed I’ll be done faster than I thought.  But I know at one point you lose steam too, so no holding your breath!

Autumn tints, End of day, Calico puzzle, Bat wing
Flock, Country farm, Economy, Contrary wife
Basket weave, Bowtie, Attic windows, Box
Puss in the corner, Mothers dream, Evening star, Windows

I won’t put pics of all of them right now – there’s only so many you can take!!  I’m not one to use one fabric designer, or one collection.  I use pretty cacophonous combinations sometimes, but I think all together it’s going to be OK.  Man I hope so.  So far I’ve repeated myself twice – ha.  Now I’m marking the book so I remember.  I’ve done most of the ‘easiest’ blocks.  By easy I mean less pieces per block (each block is just over 6 inches total).  Next weekend it’s time to tackle some mean ones.  Also for those quilters out there – I am not including the basket blocks (there are 2) with applique handles.  I want it more geometric and find the curves stand out too much.  So my repeated ones might just be fine!